Predojevic, Yakovich and Reshetnikov leading at Acropolis Open

Article by GM Efstratios Grivas

Borki Predojevic square

Borki Predojevic

The “normal” tempo of the 24th ICT Acropolis 2009 was seen on Thursday, as the round 3 games were in progress. It was probably the most difficult day for the participants, as they have to play in the morning and afternoon – tournament’s only double round.

In the first boards the leaders decided not to take enormous risks and as a result a lot of draws were seen – but not without a fight. So, after the third round, 18 players were leading the tournament, having scored 2,5 points out of 3 games! In the afternoon round these 18 leaders will play one against another and many things will be clear, as concerning the top-seed positions.

Late in the night the 4th was concluded, ending-up a difficult day with a double round. The 18 leaders tried to upgrade their scores but only three did it in the end, the Bosnian Borki Predojevic and the Russians Yuri Yakovich and Alexey Reshetnikov, who are leading with 3,5 points out of 4 games.

The rest of the tournament’s favourites are close (3/4) and among them are Smirin, Azarov, Gurevich and the Greek players Banikas, Papaioannou, Halkias, Mastrovasilis Athanasios & Dimitrios and Kapnisis. The Indian Koneru fell behind with just 2,5/4, but in such a strong tournament nothing is predictable. The next, 5th round, is expected to clear-up the standings on the top.

This year’s Acropolis ICT is a co-organisation of the Greek Chess Federation and the Chalkida Chess Academy “Palamedes of Evia”, sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT), the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Greek General Secretariat of Sports, the Region of Attica, the Region of Sterea Ellada, the Prefecture of Evia, the Chalkida Municipality, the TEDK N. Evias, the Football Games Prognosis Organisation (OPAP), the Chalkida Sports Organisation and the “Chalkis” AVEE.

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GM Efstratios Grivas

Round 2 report

Round 4 top results:

GM Mastrovasilis Dimitrios ½ – ½ GM Smirin Ilia

GM Predojevic Borki 1 – 0 GM Gupta Abhijeet

IM Muzychuk Anna ½ – ½ GM Azarov Sergei

GM Belov Vladimir ½ – ½ GM Tukhaev Adam

GM Halkias Stelios ½ – ½ GM Papaioannou Ioannis

IM Kapnisis Spyridon ½ – ½ GM Banikas Hristos

GM Rozentalis Eduardas ½ – ½ GM Stefanova Antoaneta

IM Harika Dronavalli 0 – 1 GM Yakovich Yuri

GM Kolev Atanas 0 – 1 FM Reshetnikov Alexey

IM Dembo Yelena ½ – ½ GM Koneru Humpy

IM Ris Robert 0 – 1 GM Gurevich Mikhail

GM Mamedov Nidjat 1 – 0 FM Yilmaz Mustafa

GM Gelashvili Tamaz 1 – 0 IM Danielian Elina

GM David Alberto 1 – 0 IM Managadze Nikoloz

GM Aroshidze Levan 1 – 0 WGM Cherednichenko Svetlana

IM Maric Alisa ½ – ½ GM Dzagnidze Nana

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