Aker Chess Challenge 2009 pairings

Norwegian derby in the semi finals

Carlsen interview foros

The Aker Chess Challenge pairings are already known. After the drawing of lots Svidler faces Nakamura and Carlsen his own compatriot Kjetil Lie in the opening round of the exclusive rapid tournament Aker Chess Challenge in Gjøvik, Norway.

Friday 02.01.2009/1

Round 2 13:20 : Svidler (white) – Nakamura and Carlsen – Lie

Round 2 kl 14:40 : Svidler – Carlsen and Nakamura – Lie

Saturday 03.01.2009

Round 3 13:20 : Carlsen – Nakamura and Lie – Svidler

Round 4 14:40 : Lie – Carlsen and Nakamura – Svidler

Sunday 04.01.2009

Round 5 14:20 : Carlsen – Svidler and Lie – Nakamura

Round 6 15:40 : Svidler – Lie and Nakamura – Carlsen

The final match will take place on Sunday in the afternoon. The official website of the competition is

nakamura carlsen

Press conference with Nakamura, Carlsen, Svidler, and Lie

Gjøvik 100th Anniversary tournament

After 4 rounds of the Gjøvik 100th Anniversary tournament, the GM quartet Malakhato (BEL), Kulaots (EST), Gopal (IND) and de Firman (USA) leads the with 3 1/2 points each. Top seeds Tiviakov (NED), Savchenko (RUS), Mchedlishvili (GEO) and Bartel (POL) are among the ten players at 3 points. This tournament is probably the strongest Swiss event ever in Norway. The international chess festival of Gjøvik consists of a number of different tournaments for players of all levels and ages.

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