Arctic Chess Challenge Started on Saturday

no surprises in the first round

The 3rd Arctic Chess Challenge, that will take place on 2-10 August in Tromso (Norway), has launched today with 90 participants. This event is very important for the local chess community in their attempt to host the 2014 Chess Olympiad. There were no surprises in the first round as all top seeded players won their games. More information can be found on the official website.

Chief organizer Jan S. Berglund will be uploading photos in Chessdom gallery, make sure to take a look!

Top rated participants:

GM Igor Kurnosov 2617 [RUS]

GM Vadim Malakhatko 2612 [BEL]

GM Simen Agdestein 2583 [NOR]

GM Vitaly Kunin 2532 [GER]

GM Matthew J Turner2493 [ENG]

GM Sergey Kasparov 2486 [BLR]

GM Tomas Likavsky 2485 [SVK]

IM Amon Simutowe 2459 [ZAM]

GM Heikki M.J. Westerinen 2376 [FIN]

IM Bjørn Tiller 2374 [NOR]

FM Joachim Thomassen 2357 [NOR]

IM Anna Zozulia 2346 [BEL]

FM Peter J Sowray 2327 [ENG]

FM Espen Forså 2282 [NOR]

90 in total

Round 2 pairings:

GM Igor Kurnosov – Johannes Luangtep Kvisla

WIM Tatiana Kasparova – GM Vadim Malakhatko

GM Simen Agdestein – Frode Bull Jæger

Stig K. Martinsen – GM Vitaly Kunin

GM Matthew J Turner – Sondre Waage Tofte

Tobias Pettersson – GM Sergey Kasparov

GM Tomas Likavsky – Benjamin Arvola

Victor Hansen – IM Amon Simutowe

GM Heikki M.J. Westerinen – Robert Danielsson


Last year’s outdoor grill

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