16th Asian Games – Team Chess Championship

Qualifications completed, Semifinal matches starting tomorrow

Finally the four semifinalists have been identified in the men section with India, Philippines and Iran joining China after the seventh and concluding round of the swiss format in the 16th Asian Games Chess Championship being held at Guangzhou, China.

India and Iran drew their match, Philippines beat Kyrgyzstan 2.5-1.5. China finished its matches with 14 match points by beating Kazakhstan. Philippines with 12 and India with 9 qualified automatically. There was a tie between Iran and Qatar with each finishing on 8 points. While Iran drew with India, Qatar defeated Korea 4-0 to move to 8 match points, same as Iran.

Games score between the teams also tied with each scoring 17 points. Head to head count between the teams also could not be taken as both the teams did not meet each other during the seven round Swiss. The tie was resolved under the sum of Sonnenborn-Berger points system where Iran was placed at 96.5 against Qatar’s 73.5 and thus the fourth slot went to Iran to complete the Semifinalists.

China vs Iran and India vs Philippines will be the two semifinals on 25th and the winners will meet on 26th for the Gold Medal match.

In the women section India and China though qualified to Semifinals with a round to spare, did not spare their opponents and went home with identical 4-0 and both finished on 13 match points. Since China were half a point ahead in games score, China and India were placed 1 and 2 in the order.

Four teams were in with the chance for the remaining two slots and were paired against each other. Uzbekistan were pitted against Vietnam, both with eight points, while Iran and Bangladesh with six points were paired to play. A draw between Vietnam & Uzbekistan was enough for both the teams to move to the semifinals, but went hammer and tongs at each other, so as to avoid finishing fourth, as that would have meant meeting lion at its den, that is China. But the ice could not be broken and all four boards ended in draws with Vietnam finishing fourth.

The semifinal line up would be China vs Vietnam and India vs Uzbekistan in the women section.

There was some drama at the start of seventh round in the women section as the start time was postponed by two hours as Uzbekistan needed clarification on the pairings published for the last round. The confusion was resolved with the organising committee official also taking part in the deliberations and the rounds started without altering the pairings.

Ranking of teams after the seventh and last round

Men: 1. China (14), 2. Philippines (12), 3. India (9), 4-7. Iran, Qatar, Vietnam & Uzbekistan (all on 8), 8-9. Kyrgyzstan and Iraq (7), 10-13. Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Yemen (all on 6), 14. Korea (4), 15-16. Maldives, Jordan (3), 17. Lebanon (1).

Women: 1-2. China and India (13), 3-4. Uzbekistan, Vietnam (9), 5. Iran (8), 6. Mongolia (7), 7-9. Bangladesh, Qatar and Syria (6), 10. Turkmenistan (5), 11. Korea (2), 12. Jordan (0).

The games are shown live on asia-chess.com

By Media Team