Bansko Grand Chess Open 2010 (updated participants)

Hotel bookings deadline – November 5th!


The Bansko Grand Chess Open will be held in the city of Bansko, Bulgaria from the 12th until the 19th of December 2010, with open participation and nine (9) rounds Swiss system. It will feature two sections – open and junior – with a total prize fund of over 15 000 EUR. There are special rating prizes for the winners of U2400, U2200, U2000, and U1800.

Up to now more than 100 players have signed up for the competition. There are participants from France, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, Georgia, Russia, Zimbabwe, Spain, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Serbia, Poland, Finland, and interest from over 20 other countries. Among these participants are 11 GMs over 2550 ELO and a total of 25 titled players.

Bansko Open is promissing to be one of the top open events of the year, hotel bookings deadline is November 5th.

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15 000 eur prize fund

The total prize fund of Bansko Grand Chess Open is 15 000 eur. The first players in the main group will receive a total of 9000 eur, as there are special prizes dedicated to rating groups

A. International Rating Category 2201 – 2400

1st 500 € 2nd 300 € 3rd 100 €

B. International Rating Category 2001 – 2200

1st 500 € 2nd 300 € 3rd 100 €

C. International Rating Category 1801 – 2001

1st 500 € 2nd 300 € 3rd 100 €

D. International Rating Category up to 1801

1st 500 € 2nd 300 € 3rd 100 €

As the future of chess depends on the young players enthusiasm and development of technology, the organizers will award 8 laptop computers to Boys and Girls U14, U12, U10, and U8 categories.

A total of 24 medals and 8 cups will be given.

The tournament is valid for GM/IM/FM /WFM/WIM/WGM norms and the youth section is application to the ECU Grand Prix.

Official website:

Blitz tournament and parallel program

On the 11th of December, together with the opening of Bansko Grand Chess Open, a blitz tournament will be played. It will be a 7 rounds Swiss event with featured prize fund of 1000 eur.

Bansko Grand Chess Open will also have simul with 2500+ player and many more surprises!

Participants list (until October 21st)

GM Georgiev, Kiril 2685 Bulgaria

GM Savchenko,Boris 2627 Russia

GM Spasov,Vasil 2621 Bulgaria

GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2613 Serbia

GM Chatalbasev, Boris 2606 Bulgaria

GM Rakhmanov, Aleksandr 2605 Russia

GM Banikas, Hristos 2590 Greece

GM Halkias,Stelios 2577 Greece

GM Tornike, Sanikidze 2564 Georgia

GM Perunovic, Milos 2558 Serbia

GM Mastrovasilis, Athanasios 2556 Greece

IM Nabaty, Tamir 2526 Israel

IM Ipatov, Alexander 2521 Spain

IM Perunovic, Miodrag 2449, Serbia

GM Georgiev, Krum 2441 Bulgaria

GM Ivanov, Mikhail 2438 Russia

IM Zaslavsky, Mikhail 2435 Israel

IM Collas, Didier 2420 France

FM Fazulyanov, Sergey 2365 Russia

WGM Gvetadze,Sofio 2352 Georgia

IM Mastrokoukos, Giorgos 2328 Greece

WGM Collas, Silvia 2320 France

Galburd, Yan 2310 Israel

WIM Nikolova, Adriana 2295 Bulgaria

Kanakaris, Giorgos 2285 Greece

WIM Videnova Iva 2283 Bulgaria

Vragoteris ,Antonis 2253 Greece

Vlashki, Nino 2230 Bulgaria

Yakimenko Alexander A. 2211 Russia

Masango, Spencer 2165 Zimbabwe

Glavchev, Stanislav 2129 Bulgaria

Dritan Zekaj 2120 Albania

Grapsa, Georgia 2044 Greece

Kolev, Vasil 2029 Bulgaria

Marie, Boyard 2028 Luxembourg

Ladopoulos, Dimitrios 1866 Greece

Ivanov ,Aleksandar Jordanov 1862 Bulgaria

Petrov, Martin 1856 Bulgaria

Krastev, Kalin 1848 Bulgaria

Theoharidis ,Georgios 1839 Greece

Papathanasiou ,Elisavet 1792 Greece

Atanasova, Elitsa 1748 Bulgaria

Harizanova Marina 1708 Bulgaria

Shivacheva, Donika 1690 Bulgaria

Marcin ,Muller 1687 Poland

Charpidou, Anna 1686 Greece

Harizanova Elitsa 1670 Bulgaria

Haritopoulou, Maria-anna 1658 Greece

Sabotinov Ventsislav 1647 Bulgaria

Hristov, Kaloyan 1576 Bulgaria

Ganev, Nikola 1523 Bulgaria

Gogov, Kiril 1520 Bulgaria

Taskov, Ivo 1480 Bulgaria

Vasileva, Aleksandra 1480 Bulgaria

Najdenova, Jana 1466 Bulgaria

Papaefstratiou , Andreas 0 Greece

Nikolay Sotirov Sotirov Bulgaria

Nedelcho Dichev Bulgaria

Bozhidar Ivanov Bulgaria

Angel Todorov Bulgaria

Darena Sirkova Bulgaria

Petar Dodov Bulgaria

Tsvetan Dodov Bulgaria

Velikov, Georgi 0 Bulgaria

Stoyanov, Yordan Bulgaria

Gavrilov, Petar Bulgaria

Liangov, Petar Bulgaria

Petrov, Nikolai Bulgaria

Antova, Gabriela Bulgaria

Kitaigorodski, Sergei Finland

Zheliazkova, Vania 0 Bulgaria

Atanasova, Paulina 0 Bulgaria