Bansko Open Round Three (replayable games added)

Six players in joint lead with perfect score

Bansko Grand Chess Open 2010 continued on Tuesday with a double round. The standings have dispersed and now we have six players in the lead with three points each. Among them are the top Grandmaster Boris Savchenko and experienced IM Nanko Dobrev who surprised GM Henrik Danielsen with black pieces.

GM Ivan Cheparinov, top seeded player in the tournament, was held to draw by IM Miodrag Perunovic. Cheparinov played a sharp novelty in the opening, improving on the earlier game M.Perunovic-D.Popovic, but White parried accordingly and eventually emerged with an extra pawn. The Bulgarian star, however, defended tenaciously and saved a draw in the Rook ending. IM Perunovic commented that with reversed colours, Cheparinov would have never allowed him to escape from that middlegame.

Local Bansko favourite, the 15-years old IM Kiprian Berbatov, had an extra pawn against another top player, GM Vasil Spasov, but the activity of the black pieces proved sufficient for a draw.

Note: scroll down for replayable games. PGN can be downloaded from the official website

Bansko Cheparinov - Perunovic

Ivan Cheparinov and Miodrag Perunovic

Bansko Tamir Nabaty

IM Tamir Nabaty is one of the joint leaders

Round 3 top results:

IM Perunovic Miodrag - GM Cheparinov Ivan ½ – ½

GM Savchenko Boris - IM Zaslavsky Mikhail 1 – 0

IM Berbatov Kiprian - GM Spasov Vasil ½ – ½

GM Georgiev Vladimir - GM Georgiev Krum ½ – ½

IM Maksimovic Branimir - GM Grigoryan Avetik ½ – ½

GM Mastrovasilis Athanasios - IM Ashwin Jayaram 1 – 0

GM Petrov Marijan - Strelnikov Sergey ½ – ½

IM Collas Didier - IM Nabaty Tamir 0 – 1

GM Danielsen Henrik - IM Dobrev Nanko 0 – 1

Korobkov Piotr - FM Kukov Velislav ½ – ½

Round 3 standings:

1-6. GM Mastrovasilis Athanasios GRE 2556, IM Nabaty Tamir ISR 2529, IM Arnaudov G Petar BUL 2468, GM Savchenko Boris RUS 2632, IM Grigorov Grigor BUL 2479 and IM Dobrev Nanko BUL 2376 – 3.0

7-22. GM Cheparinov Ivan BUL 2668, GM Spasov Vasil BUL 2606, GM Georgiev Vladimir MKD 2582, GM Grigoryan Avetik ARM 2580, GM Petrov Marijan BUL 2534, Korobkov Piotr UKR 2484, IM Perunovic Miodrag SRB 2465, IM Berbatov Kiprian BUL 2461, IM Maksimovic Branimir SRB 2421, Strelnikov Sergey UKR 2419, FM Kukov Velislav BUL 2355, Iskos Alexandros GRE 2080, GM Georgiev Krum BUL 2422, GM Nikolaidis Ioannis GRE 2552, NM Tomov Georgi BUL 2286 and NM Ljangov Petar BUL 2090 – 2.5 etc

Round 4 top pairings:

IM Grigorov Grigor – GM Savchenko Boris

IM Dobrev Nanko – GM Mastrovasilis Athanasios

IM Nabaty Tamir – IM Arnaudov G Petar

GM Cheparinov Ivan – IM Berbatov Kiprian

GM Spasov Vasil – GM Georgiev Krum

Strelnikov Sergey – GM Georgiev Vladimir

GM Grigoryan Avetik – NM Tomov Georgi

GM Nikolaidis Ioannis – IM Maksimovic Branimir

FM Kukov Velislav – GM Petrov Marijan

NM Ljangov Petar – Korobkov Piotr

Iskos Alexandros – IM Perunovic Miodrag

NM Kjurkchiiski Georgi - GM Danielsen Henrik

Bansko Gvetadze Savchenko

GM Boris Savchenko and IM Sopio Gvetadze

Bansko Avetik Grigoryan 1

GM Avetik Grigoryan

Bansko Mrijan Petrov

GM Marijan Petrov

Bansko Henrik Danielsen

GM Henrik Danielsen

Bansko Georgia Grapsa

Georgia Grapsa

Bansko Silvia Collas

IM Silvia Collas

Bansko Branimir Maksimovic

IM Branimir Maksimovic

Bansko Ashwin Jayaram

IM Ashwin Jayaram

Bansko Iva Videnova

WIM Iva Videnova

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