Magistral Casino de Barcelona 2010

Black pieces successful in round one

Magistral Casino de Barcelona 2010 round robin tournament with ten players started yesterday at Marina Avenue 19-21 and continues until 12th November.

In the derby match of the first round, Russian GM Ernesto Inarkiev defeated French star Romain Edouard with black pieces. Top-seeded Lazaro Bruzon and local GM Oms Pallisse were also successful with black, taking victories against Ivan Salgado and Robert Hess respectively (replay bellow). The other two games were drawn.

Round 1 results:

Edouard Romain FRA 2636 – Inarkiev Ernesto RUS 2667 0-1

Hess Robert USA 2602 – Oms Pallisse Josep ESP 2528 0-1

Alsina Leal Daniel ESP 2527 – Jussupow Artur GER 2589 ½-½

Magem Badals Jordi ESP 2593 – Cuartas Jaime Alexander COL 2534 ½-½

Salgado Lopez Ivan ESP 2602 – Bruzon Batista Lazaro CUB 2668 0-1


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