X Open International d’Escacs de Sants

Tournament winner Mateusz Bartel writes for Chessdom

It was the 10th Barcelona Sants Open. I can say only good words about organization and I can recommend this event for those who want both to play chess and have some sightseeing. In Barcelona there is a lot to be seen and the rounds were played at 16:30, which made some excursions possible :)

There were 2 groups in the tournament. Group A, for players rated over 2000, boasted around 300 participants, and the B group had about 250 players.

The final standings after 10 rounds:

Group A

Group B

Mateusz Bartel

Mateusz Bartel

However, the final standing of Group A on the Austrian website are not complete, and because of that, on many internet sites GM Pablo Lafuente was declared a winner by Bucholz. The rules in the A tournament were quite interesting – for all prized places (there were 20 prizes), blitz tie-breaks were to be played (2 games 5′-5′ , in case of draw 6′-5′ Armageddon – pity, without increment).

And I won the tournament after Blitz tie-breaks. Unfortunately, I can’t find any results of blitz games on the internet. I can just point you to complete standings, published on the official website, after these games:

There were also a lot of other events (like Rapid, Blitz, Bughouse, Football tournaments).

In addition, the organizers have founded a special prize for the most beautiful game. To my surprise, I also received that prize, for the game from 2nd round against a 2240-rated player (Capellades – Bartel). The games from the internet transmission are both on the ICC and at the official site.

Mateusz Bartel

Mateusz Bartel 1

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Our colleague IM Eirik T. Gullaksen of Bergens Schakklub scored excellent six points in the Open Sants Group A.

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