Aleksandar Kovacevic guarding the lead at Kostic Memorial

Six-player double round robin on 2-12th November in Vrsac

The 16th Bora Kostic Memorial, honoring the first chess globetrotter, is taking place from 2nd to 12th November in Vrsac, the city of his birth.

Six players are competing in the double round robin tournament: Vasil Spasov (BUL 2606), Ivan Ivanisevic (SRB 2628), Aleksandar Kovacevic (SRB 2594), Vladislav Nevednichy (ROM 2547), Boban Bogosavljevic (SRB 2569) and Nikola Sedlak (SRB 2546).

In round four Grandmaster Kovacevic defeated Vladislav Nevednichy, the then joint leader and his team-mate from Novosadski chess club, and occuppied the first place. As all round five games finished in draws, Kovacevic remained on the top, full point clear of the opposition.

Games are being played every day from 16:00 CET, live broadcast is available on the official website.


Aleksandar Kovacevic

Round 4 results:

GM Nevednichy Vladislav - GM Kovacevic Aleksandar 0 – 1

GM Spasov Vasil - GM Ivanisevic Ivan ½ – ½

GM Bogosavljevic Boban - GM Sedlak Nikola ½ – ½

Round 5 results:

GM Kovacevic Aleksandar - GM Bogosavljevic Boban ½ – ½

GM Sedlak Nikola - GM Spasov Vasil ½ – ½

GM Ivanisevic Ivan - GM Nevednichy Vladislav ½ – ½

Round 5 standings:

1. GM Kovacevic Aleksandar SRB 2594 – 3.5

2-5. GM Sedlak Nikola SRB 2546, GM Ivanisevic Ivan SRB 2628, GM Nevednichy Vladislav ROU 2547 and GM Bogosavljevic Boban SRB 2569 – 2.5

6. GM Spasov Vasil BUL 2606 – 1.5

Round 6 pairings:

GM Kovacevic Aleksandar - GM Sedlak Nikola

GM Bogosavljevic Boban - GM Ivanisevic Ivan

GM Spasov Vasil - GM Nevednichy Vladislav


Vasil Spasov

Bogosavljevic - Sedlak

Boban Bogosavljevic – Nikola Sedlak

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