International Chess Tournament Bosna 2010

23 players with perfect score after two rounds

The pairings of round two of the International Chess Tournament Bosna 2010 were promising much more balanced games since the rating difference between the players were considerably smaller and that was confirmed by the results. On the first 20 boards, which one can follow live on the internet, 10 games finished in a draw, a detail which speaks about the level of resistance offered by the lower rated players.

The surprise of the round is the victory of one of Armenian GMs with the same family name of their national hero, Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian, the former World Champion. Playing White he defeated Romanian GM Nisipeanu, the fourth seated player in this tournament. In that game, after a very ambitiously played opening from both sides, a very sharp position with opposite side castles came out. When the smoke disappeared, they were in an endgame where Black, being in time trouble, didn’t manage to save slightly worse position.

After two rounds a group of 23 players is in the lead with perfect score. In this tournament that means 6 points instead of 2, because the victory brings 3 points. The leaders are: Wang Hao (CHN), Timofeev (RUS), Gustafsson (GER), Geetha (IND), Fier (BRA), A.Kovačević (SRB), Bosiočić (CRO), Nevednichy (ROM), Janković (CRO), Godena (ITA), Kurajica (BiH), Šolak (SRB), Svetushkin (MDA), Panarin (RUS), Berczes (HUN), Šebenik (SLO), Rapport (HUN), Sengupta (IND), Tratar (SLO), D.Petrosian (ARM), Bitalzadeh (NED), Mazi (SLO) and Gislason (ISL).

Third round is on schedule tomorrow.

Report by GM Miso Cebalo for the official website

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