3rd India Cements Ltd Chennai Open – Round Five

Michelle stuns Grandmaster Arun Prasad, Tamir Nabaty shares lead

Chennai girl Michelle Catherina stunned favorite and higher rated Grandmaster Arun Prasad in the fifth round of the India Cements Ltd 3rd Chennai Open International Grandmaster Chess tournament at SDAT Multipurpose Indoor Stadium, Chennai.

Another local favorite Grandmaster Baskaran Adhiban went down to Ukraine Grandmaster Yaroslav Zherebukh in a complicated Sicilian game that lasted 37 moves. The win takes Ukraine Grandmaster Yaroslav Zherebukh on top of the table with 5.0 points, along with IM Tamir Nabaty of Israel.

Top seed, Grandmaster Alexander Areshchenko scored over Chennai based Grandmaster Sundararajan Kidambi and moved within half a point of the leaders. Sharing the third spot with Areshchenko were eight other players including GMs Kuzubov, Postny, Greenfeld, Oleksienko, Abhijeet Gupta and Ziaur Rahman.

The interesting sixth round battle pits two talented youngsters, Tamir Nabaty against Yaroslav Zherebukh, in the top board. News and photos by R R Vasudevan.

Chennai GM Yaroslav Zherebukh

GM Yaroslav Zherebukh

Chessdom Nabaty

Tamir Nabaty at the recent Bansko Grand Open

Chennai P Michelle Catherina

P Michelle Catherina

GM Yaroslav Zherebukh (2565) – GM Baskaran Adhiban (2530)

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6 6.f3 e5 7.Nb3 Be7 8.Be3 O-O 9.Qd2 a5 10.Bb5 Be6 11.Rd1 Na7 12.Be2 Nc8 13.Nd5 Bxd5 14.exd5 a4 15.Nc1 Qc7 16.b3 Nb6 17.c4 Nfd7 18.O-O axb3 19.axb3 f5 20.Bd3 g6 21.Ne2 Nc5 22.Rb1 Bf6 23.Nc3 Qe7 24.Bc2 Rfc8 25.Kh1 Ra3 26.g4 e4 27.gxf5 Nxb3 28.Bxb3 Nxc4 29.Bxc4 Rxc3 30.Bb5 exf3 31.Bf2 g5 32.Rbe1 Qf7 33.Re6 Rc2 34.Qe3 R8c3 35.Qe4 Rc1 36.Rxd6 h6 37.Kg1 1-0

GM Arun Prasad S (2513) – P Michelle Catherina (1959)

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.g3 Bb4 5.Bd2 Be7 6.Bg2 O-O 7.O-O c6 8.Qc2 Nbd7 9.Rd1 b6 10.b3 Bb7 11.a4 Rc8 12.a5 c5 13.axb6 axb6 14.Ra7 Ba8 15.Bg5 h6 16.Bxf6 Nxf6 17.Na3 cxd4 18.Nxd4 Bc5 19.Nab5 e5 20.Nf5 Bc6 21.Qd2 Bxb5 22.cxb5 Ng4 23.e3 Qg5 24.h3 Nf6 25.Ne7 Bxe7 26.Rxe7 Ne4 27.Qb4 Nxf2 28.Rd2 Qxg3 29.Rxf2 Rc1 0-1

Chennai 046

GM Yuriy Kuzubov (Ukraine) playing GM Henrik Danielsen (Iceland)

Chennai 069

IM Vijayalakshmi Subbaraman playing the talented Mumbai star Sagar Shah

Chennai 132

GM Arun Prasad in deep thought against his conqueror, Chennai school girl Michelle Catherina

Chennai 139

GM Alon Greefeld (Israel) on way to scoring a hard fought win over IM Swapnil S Dhopade