Ding Liren takes early lead at Danzhou Hainan Super Tournament

Victories against Zhou Jianchao and Zhou Weiqi

The First Danzhou Hainan Super Tournament is being held from 11th June to 20th June 2010 in Danzhou city, Hainan province, China.

Ten top Chinese Grandmasters compete, with the exception of GM Wang Yue who will play Bazna Kings in Romania from Monday. The playing format is round robin and the time control will be 90 minutes per player with an incremental time of 30 seconds per move.

The 2009 China chess champion Ding Liren, who at 2547 elo is the lowest rated player in the tournament, had a strong start and won both games, against Zhou Jianchao 2652 and Zhou Weiqi 2585, the second being a very instructive double Rook endgame.

Bu Xiangzhi and Li Chao b are with 1.5 points.

Ding Liren - Zhou Jiangchao

Ding Liren – Zhou Jiangchao

Round 1 results:

GM Zhou Weiqi – GM Bu Xiangzhi ½ – ½

GM Ding Liren – GM Zhou Jianchao 1 – 0

GM Yu Yangyi – GM Ni Hua ½ – ½

GM Wan Hao – GM Li Chao B ½ – ½

GM Hou Yifan – GM Zhao Jun 1 – 0

Round 2 results:

GM Bu Xiangzhi – GM Zhao Jun 1 – 0

GM Li Chao B – GM Hou Yifan 1 – 0

GM Ni Hua – GM Wan Hao ½ – ½

GM Zhou Jianchao – GM Yu Yangyi ½ – ½

GM Zhou Weiqi – GM Ding Liren 0 – 1

Round 3 pairings:

GM Ding Liren – GM Bu Xiangzhi

GM Yu Yangyi – GM Zhou Weiqi

GM Wan Hao – GM Zhou Jianchao

GM Hou Yifan – GM Ni Hua

GM Zhao Jun – GM Li Chao B

Hou Yifan - Zhao Jun

Hou Yifan – Zhao Jun

Danzhou Hainan Province

Danzhou, Hainan Province


Fireworks at the opening ceremony

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