Hikaru Nakamura leads San Sebastian 2009

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The Donostia chess festival continues with a lot of fighting chess and interesting games. With an average rating of 2682, the San Sebastian main event is a category 18 tournament, one of the strongest for the year in Spain.

In a very exciting and dynamic second round, GM Hikaru Nakamura defeated the French hope GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave to grab the top spot at the San Sebastian tournament with full 2,0/2. He is closely followed by the local top player, GM Paco Vallejo, who held with black GM Sergei Movsesian.

In the battle of the ex world champions, Anatoly Karpov managed to reach a draw against Ruslan Ponomariov. The third world champion at the competition was close to winning against Peter Svidler, but in the end they divided the point.

Julio Granada Zuniga recovered from yesterday’s loss and achieved a solid victory against San Segundo.

You can replay all the games here, where tomorrow the live coverage continues. Scroll down for full results of the round.

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Special thanks to Ines Goni for all photos in the Donostia gallery.

donostia chess

David Llada with Felix Izeta, organizer of San Sebastian festival

donostia chess

The playing hall of San Sebastian 2009

donostia chess

Anatoly Karpov during his game with Nakamura

San Sebastian 2009

GM Karpov Anatoly 2644 1/2-1/2 GM Ponomariov Ruslan 2727

GM Granda Zuniga Julio E 2647 1-0 GM San Segundo Carrillo Pablo 2570

GM Movsesian Sergei 2716 1/2-1/2 GM Vallejo Pons Francisco 2693

GM Kasimdzhanov Rustam 2672 1/2-1/2 GM Svidler Peter 2739

GM Nakamura Hikaru 2710 1-0 GM Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 2703

KUTXA Tournament

GM Hamdouchi Hicham 2589 1/2-1/2 GM Fernandez Garcia Jose Luis 2465

GM Cifuentes Parada Roberto 2539 1/2-1/2 GM Magem Badals Jordi 2534

GM Fernandes Antonio 2415 0-1 GM Van Wely Loek 2655

GM Hauchard Arnaud 2528 1/2-1/2 GM Bauer Christian 2602

IM Argandona Riveiro Inigo 2364 1/2-1/2 GM Ubilava Elizbar 2547

Euskal Xake Eskola Tournament

IM Franco Alonso Alejandro 2480 1-0 Martin Alvarez Inigo 2239

FM Gonzalez De La Torre Santiago 2390 0-1 GM Prie Eric 2491

GM Galego Luis 2435 1/2-1/2 GM Flear Glenn C 2490

GM Hoffman Alejandro 0 1-0 IM Huerga Leache Mikel 2456

IM Llaneza Vega Marcos 2521 0-1 FM Michna Christian 2224

DiputaciĆ³n Foral de Gipuzkoa Tournament

WGM Pokorna Regina 2381 1/2-1/2 WIM Rozic Vesna 2239

WGM Melnikova Yana 2285 1-0 WGM Ionica Iulia-Ionela 2263

WGM Michna Marta 2379 1/2-1/2 IM Tania Sachdev 2410

WGM Karlovich Anastazia 2211 0-1 WGM Zakurdjaeva Irina 2305

WGM Hamdouchi Adina-Maria 2324 1/2-1/2 IM Milliet Sophie 2388

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