Empresa International 2008

24th August to 2nd September in Montréal, Canada

The 9th Empresa International chess tournament is set to take place from 24th August to 2nd September in Montréal, Canada. Members of the USA Chess Olympiad team – Hikaru Nakamura, 2008 US champion Yuri Shulman and Varuzhan Akobian, will sharpen their form before the most important team event in FIDE calendar. The three will be also top seeded in the starting lineup.

The hosting country, Canada, will be represented with four players – Grandmasters Mark Bluvshtein and Pascal Charbonneau, talented IM Thomas Roussel-Roozmon and 2007 World Cup participant IM Igor Zugic. Sébastien Mazé and Igor Nataf are hailing from France and 16-years old IM Anton Kovalyov comes from Argentina, although the official website has him listed as Canadian.

Varuzhan Akobian square Hiraku Nakamura

Varuzhan Akobian (photo by Amiel Rosario) and Hikaru Nakamura

Last year winner was Vassily Ivanchuk with 7.0 out of 9, full point ahead of Sergei Tiviakov.


GM Hikaru Nakamura (2697 USA)

GM Yuri Shulman (2623 USA)

GM Varuzhan Akobian (2610 USA)

GM Sébastien Mazé (2553 France)

GM Mark Bluvshtein (2548 Canada)

IM Anton Kovalyov (2548 Argentina)

GM Igor Nataf (2534 France)

GM Pascal Charbonneau (2499 Canada)

IM Thomas Roussel-Roozmon (2486 Canada)

IM Igor Zugic (2457 Canada)