GM norm for Erdos, IM norms for Goh and Toth

First Saturday tournament, June 2007

GM and IM norms

Viktor Erdos achieved a GM norm at the June edition of the First Saturday tournament. He finished top of the GM group with 8.0/11. IM norm went to FM Goh in IM B and he won the tournament with 8.0/11. FM Toth achieved an IM norm in IM A with 8.0/11, but the group was won by IM Michal Luch with 8,5/11.


Viktor Erdos

Participants GM group (average ELO 2439):

IM David Berczes(HUN, ELO 2442), IM William M. Paschall (USA, ELO 2353), FM Selim Citak (TUR, ELO 2366), GM Mark Bluvshtein (CAN, ELO 2520), GM Dragan Kosic (MNE, ELO 2507), GM Vajda Levente (ROM, ELO 2549), IM Roussel-Roozman T. (CAN, ELO 2422), FM Harun Pasalic (BIH, ELO 2261), IM Haznedaroglu Kivanc (TUR, ELO 2440), IM Viktor Varadi (HUN, 2408), IM Bui Vinh (VIE, ELO 2483), and IM Viktor Erdos (HUN, ELO 2518).

IM A group

In IM A group we find a total of 12 players with IM Peter Hardicsay (HUN, ELO 2328) and IM Michal Luch (POL, ELO 2336) being the highest rated. The average ELO of the group is 2251.

IM B group

It is strange to find higher rated players in IM B group of the First Saturday June tournament. The average ELO is 2270, and the highest rated is IM Miklos Galyas (HUN, ELO 2444).

Rounds 1-7

GM Vajda Levente (ROM) increased his lead on the top of the GM group and is first with 6.0/7. It turns out to be a fantastic tournament for the Romanian GM and until now he has a tournament performance of 2710, almost 200 points more than his rating. The second place is held by Mark Bluvshtein with 5.0 and third place is divided by IM Roussel-Roozmon and IM Erdos with 4,5/7.

In IM A the first place is held by FM Ervin Toth with 5,5/7. FM Toth is heading towards a norm and has relatively easy games until the end. The only match that may cause him problems is against IM Peter Doggers, who is currently third with 4,5/7. Second place is held by IM Michal Luch with 5.0/7.

IM B is surprisingly led by FM Goh Weiming with 5,5/7 and performance of 2700 + points. Second is IM Dimo Werner with 5/7. The direct game between Weiming and Werner will be decisive for the final outcome of the tournament.

Rounds 7-11

A detailed report on rounds 7-11 is being prepared at the moment. Expect photos and replayable games.

Replayable games

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

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