Magnus Carlsen wins again

Two players left in the race

Carlsen thinking

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen and Michal Krasenkov have singled out on the top after the 7th round. Magnus sacrificed exchange against the veteran Lajos Portisch and took advantage of opponent’s misplaced pieces. Krasenkov beat Kjetil Lie after huge complications, but it seems like Norvegian GM mixed move order, 32…Rf2 (33…c2 looks much better).

IM Irina Krush lost almost without fight against GM Kaido Kulaots and ended all hopes for the GM norm. Untitled doctor Eric Moskow had slightly better position against GM Eduardas Rozentalis, but Moscow is certainly happy to go away with the draw.

Round 7 Standings:

1. GM Magnus Carlsen (NOR 2693) 5.5
2. GM Michal Krasenkov (POL 2661) 5.0
3. GM Lajos Portisch (HUN 2512) 4.0
3. GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LIT 2578) 4.0
3. GM Alexei Dreev (RUS 2633) 4.0
3. GM Kaido Kulaots (EST 2525) 4.0
7. IM Irina Krush (USA 2478) 3.0
8. GM Kjetil Lie (NOR 2529) 2.5
9. IM Gawain Jones (ENG 2524) 2.0
10. Eric Moskow (USA 2260) 1.5

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