Magnus wins a troll

Magnus Carlsen wins Gausdal Classics with 1.5 points distance.

Carlsen thinking

Magnus Carlsen

Last round draw with White pieces was enough for Magnus Carlsen to take the trophy, but he bravely attacked Michal Krasenkov’s Dutch Stonewall. Perhaps Krasenkov opted for solid and a bit passive opening expecting early peace offer. After a series of nice tactical moves and counter-blows, Carlsen forced his opponent to resign. This makes Carlsen the 2007 Gausdal Classics winner with 1.5 points ahead of the competition.

GM Eduardas Rozentalis and GM Alexei Dreev drew after a long battle in a Bogo-Indian defence, GM Lajos Portisch and IM Gawain Jones did the same after 18 unorthodox moves in Scottish opening. Rozentalis, Portisch and Krasenkov finished tied on the 2nd place. Excellent score for the Hungarian legend!

IM Irina Krush played patient English opening from the Black side waiting for Eric Moskow to bungle himself. GM Kulaots – GM Lie was draw after mutually correct play in the Accelerated Dragon.

Final Standings:

1. GM Magnus Carlsen (NOR 2693) 7.0
2. GM Lajos Portisch (HUN 2512) 5.5
2. GM Eduardas Rozentalis (LIT 2578) 5.5
2. GM Michal Krasenkov (POL 2661) 5.5
5. GM Kaido Kulaots (EST 2525) 5.0
6. IM Irina Krush (USA 2478) 4.5
6. GM Alexei Dreev (RUS 2633) 4.5
8. GM Kjetil Lie (NOR 2529) 4.0
9. IM Gawain Jones (ENG 2524) 2.5
10. Eric Moskow (USA 2260) 1.0

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