Ikaros Chess Festival – Round Four (Updated!)

Grandmasters Markus Robert, Tukmakov Vladimir, Kempinski Robert with perfect score

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The 32nd Ikaros Chess Festival is currently under way with the 2nd round being played on Sunday and 3-4th rounds taking place on Monday.

In the 2nd round there were some interesting clashes, however, the favorites prevailed in most of the games with the exception of GM Mista (seeded 5th) – Sigalas (31st) and Seretakis (37st) – Szymanski (10th), which both ended with a draw.

The groups of the accelerated Swiss pairing system were all merged in for the 3rd round, making it quite easy for the favorites. Without exception(!) all the stronger players beat their opponents and there was not even a single draw in 85 games, which might as well be a record!

The 4th round is currently under way and the first serious battles are taking place. Apart from the top seeded players who will compete for the first places and the money prizes, it is quite interesting to follow the games of some young and promising Greek players like Nikos Aggelis, Giorgos Nikolaou, Kostas Kokolias, Giorgos Poulos and Alexandros Dounis or some of the female players like Moscow Chess Champion WGM Maria Manakova, Nely Aginian and Myroslava Hrabisnka who started the tournament quite well and will go after IM or even GM norms.

The results and pairings together with the statistics of the tournament can be found on the tournament website. The reports will also be posted here on, the Official Media Partner of Ikaros Chess Festival.

Update: After some hard fights in the 4th round of Ikaros Chess Festival 2009 only three players continue with a perfect score – Grandmasters Vladimir Tukmakov, the experienced grandmaster seems full of energy and confidence, Robert Kempinski and Robert Markus. The 4th round didn’t include a major upset but most games were hard fought. For example in the game Rychagov-Vucic, the Serbian IM (who now leaves in USA) had a much better position, declined the draw offer to end up in a lost position where his strong opponent missed an easy winning combination in time pressure and instead proposed a draw. Another successful result also for Frangiskos Sigalas (seeded 31st) who got a second draw against a Polish Grandmaster, this time to Piotr Bobras, in the 2nd round drew Alexander Mista.

Apart from interesting chess, it is very encouraging that all participants are satisfied by the hospitality of the organization committee, the playing conditions and the wonders of Ikaria, since they combine a good chess tournament in a peaceful and beautiful environment. None of these would have been possible without the support and care of the Municipality of Aghios Kirykos and its mayor Mr. Spyros Teskos who support the festival al these years.

Report by Dimitris Skyrianoglou

Round 4 top results:

GM Kempinski Robert - IM Tjiam Dharma 1 – 0

IM Lahiri Atanu - GM Vorobiov Evgeny ½ – ½

GM Markus Robert - FM Koepke Christian 1 – 0

FM De Haan Eric - GM Tukmakov Vladimir 0 – 1

GM Rychagov Andrey - IM Vucic Mladen ½ – ½

WGM Manakova Maria - GM Zagrebelny Sergey ½ – ½

IM Spirin Oleg - IM Groetz Harald ½ – ½

IM Ris Robert - IM Khetsuriani Besarion ½ – ½

WGM Aginian Nelly - IM Lekic Dusan ½ – ½

Sigalas Frangiskos - GM Bobras Piotr ½ – ½

GM Mista Aleksander - IM Szymanski Marcin 1 – 0

FM Klip Hans - Seretakis Nikolas 1 – 0

Klifoth Kurt - IM Maryasin Boris ½ – ½

WFM Urosevic Marija - IM Grabinsky Vladimir ½ – ½

FM Aggelis Nikolaos - Grapsa Georgia ½ – ½

Ornithopoulos Nikolaos - Nikolaou Georgios 0 – 1

WGM Hrabinska Myroslava - Kalogiannidis Ioannis 1 – 0

Papahristoudis Anastasios - FM Gazis Efstathios 0 – 1

WGM Srebrnic Ana - Haddad Gabriel ½ – ½

Round 4 standings:

1-3. GM Markus Robert SRB 2587, GM Tukmakov Vladimir UKR 2549 and GM Kempinski Robert POL 2601 - 4.0

4-16. GM Zagrebelny Sergey UZB 2480, GM Rychagov Andrey RUS 2534, IM Spirin Oleg RUS 2466, WGM Aginian Nelly ARM 2322, IM Groetz Harald AUT 2350, GM Vorobiov Evgeny RUS 2598, WGM Manakova Maria SRB 2346, IM Ris Robert NED 2421, IM Vucic Mladen USA 2358, IM Lekic Dusan MNE 2394, IM Lahiri Atanu IND 2361, IM Khetsuriani Besarion GEO 2331 and GM Mista Aleksander POL 2568 - 3.5

17-41. IM Tjiam Dharma NED 2381, FM Koepke Christian GER 2374, FM De Haan Eric NED 2349, Kokolias Konstantinos GRE 2015, WGM Levushkina Elena GER 2239, Sigalas Frangiskos GRE 2130, WGM Hrabinska Myroslava UKR 2267, Nikolaou Georgios GRE 2220, FM Gazis Efstathios GRE 2215, WIM Khurtsilava Inga GEO 2261, Poulos Georgios GRE 1965, GM Bobras Piotr POL 2568, FM Klip Hans NED 2351, FM Tassopoulos Marios GRE 2180, Lagopatis Nikolaos GRE 2155, Koukoufikis Alexandros GRE 2233, Goumas Ioannis GRE 2160, Singleton Michael P F ENG 2175, WIM Vrublevskaya Olga RUS 2100, WFM Steil-Antoni Fiona LUX 2140, Kudriashova Irina RUS 2132, Bakatselos Hristos GRE 1540, Matsakis Michael FRA 0, WIM Tsifanskaya Ludmila A ISR 2113 and Spirou Panagiotis GRE 1965 - 3.0 etc

Round 5 top pairings:

GM Tukmakov Vladimir – GM Kempinski Robert

GM Vorobiov Evgeny – GM Markus Robert

IM Lahiri Atanu - GM Mista Aleksander

IM Groetz Harald - GM Rychagov Andrey

GM Zagrebelny Sergey - WGM Aginian Nelly

IM Khetsuriani Besarion - IM Spirin Oleg

IM Vucic Mladen - IM Ris Robert

IM Lekic Dusan - WGM Manakova Maria

GM Bobras Piotr - Lagopatis Nikolaos

IM Tjiam Dharma - Koukoufikis Alexandros

FM Koepke Christian - Goumas Ioannis

Singleton Michael P F - FM Klip Hans

Kokolias Konstantinos - FM De Haan Eric

Nikolaou Georgios - WFM Steil-Antoni Fiona

Spirou Panagiotis - WGM Hrabinska Myroslava

FM Gazis Efstathios - Kudriashova Irina

WIM Khurtsilava Inga - Poulos Georgios

WIM Tsifanskaya Ludmila – Sigalas Frangiskos

Round 1 report

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