Kasparov – Karpov Valencia 2009, day 2 LIVE!

one game each in day 2, Kasparov leading 3-1

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Yesterday we followed all events from Kasparov – Karpov day 1 on Chessdom.com with minute by minute updates from the “Cuna del Ajedrez Moderno”. Today we will continue the coverage in a similar style, bringing news and details of chess meeting between Anatoly Karpov and Gary Kasparov. The updates will appear in reverse chronological order, the earlier news will appear lower on the page.

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18:30 CET

There are 30 minutes to the start of game 3. Soon, the preview will be posted at the live page. To join the commentary click here.

17:45 CET

Many agree on the promotional value of the Kasparov – Karpov match. Another chess promotional story can be seen at the new ECU site.

17:35 CET

The EFE news agency published that the winning odds for Karpov in this match in some Spanish houses are 250:1.

17:30 CET

Until now there was no mention of what the prize fund for Kasparov and Karpov is. The age brings out a detail, saying, “both players are paid 100 000 eur each”. The newspaper also mentions that the players complained about the lightning.

17:00 CET

Sulaiman Al-Fahim, the honorary guest of Kasparov – Karpov and owner of Portsmouth, has made the news one more time. He entered both Marca and Sky Sports while visiting the playing hall of the Vlaencia match, saying, “You have to do things at their own speed and at the moment the priority for Portsmouth is to create a good infrastructure so that the club can have a serious face in the future. I am not interested in investing in a Spanish club. Now my main pre-occupation is with Pompey and to improve the level of the squad for the Premier League.”

16:30 CET

A journalist asked Kasparov at the press conference yesterday, if it is ethical to lose on time twice in rapid games. Kasparov answered, “I do not think game 2 was losing on time as it was totally lost. It happens all the time when you are getting really crushed. Game 1 was too complicated. Karpov made a conscious choice to go for a very sharp position. It was a choice based on his assumption that I might not be ready for such a complex game. And then he couldn’t manage it, there were too many problems. At certain point I was sure that he would lose on time.”

Kasparov also qualified the f4 move as “juicy”.

15:45 CET

The Spice cup continues today with the matches from round 5. The featured game with live commentary by GM Dimitrov will be Mamedov – Hammer.

15:30 CET

The rapid game 4 page is also available. The second game of the day will start soon after the first is over. Both will be featured with live commentary, and later that evening there will be more updates on the match.

15:00 CET

Chessdom itself registered very high levels of traffic and at times the page was slow. That is why during the live games there is an alternativa page that is lighter and loads faster. For better live commented games, bookmark this page now.

14:30 CET

The conferences on modern chess and the development of chess through the ages will start soon at Valencia. Today’s special guest is the famous GM Yuri Averbakh, one of the Candidates for the World Championship in 1953 and USSR champion in 1954. Averbakh was also a major endgame study composer. He published more than 100 studies, many of which have given notable contributions to endgame theory.

Yesterday, the conferences were opened by Federación Canaria de Ajedrez, José Miguel Fraguela, and later continued with José Antonio Garzón, Govert Westerveld, and other important historians.

14:00 CET

The official site matchkarpovkasparov.com has received wide criticism from the chess community. Stating several months ago that they expect ten million visitors, one would expect the organizers to be ready to meet the demand. Of course, this number will never be reached because of 2 major reasons – the biggest sports newspaper in Europe receives maximum 2 million visitors daily, and second, the official site started cracking when the first visitors started coming.

Many people thought the site has been attacked when it started showing a bunch of links. The truth is that it is hosted at a server that will never hold even a small part of the projected visitors, and the site is disconnected to save bandwidth / server resources. Thus, most of the day the users get an empty page with advertisement from the hosting.

In any case the last update on the official site was the day before the first press conference, when the schedule and the program of the match were well known.

13:30 CET

Kasparov – Karpov game 3 will be commented live on Chessdom at 19:00 CET. The page is already active and you can find it here.

13:20 CET

There are about 8 hours to the start of the games. We will continue reporting all day long and later will comment the games live, if you have questions to the Chessdom team, feel free to contact us.

12:55 CET

Blitz and rapid chess is getting more and more popular. Our good friends from bergensjakk.no have just announced the 2009 Bnbank Blitz Chess with the participation of some of the finest chess players. The field is headed by Magnus Carlsen, whose coach is Garry Kasparov (or vice versa).

Later this year we will be able to enjoy the World Blitz Chess Championship 2009 with the World Champion Vishwanathan Anand, Aronian, Carlsen, Kramnik, Leko, Gelfand, Bacrot, Ivanchuk, Morozevich, Svidler, Ponomariov, Karjakin, Tkachiev, Mamedyarov, Gashimov, Jianchao, Dominguez, Kosteniuk, Bareev, and Grischuk. The World Blitz Championship field also includes Anatoly Karpov who is among the players invited by the organizers.

Karpov will actually engage in another blitz and rapid match before the World Blitz championship and the match with Kasparov in Paris. This will be the Anand – Karpov rapid match that will be played in Bastia on October 31th and later continue in Ajaccio on November 2nd.

12:30 CET

Another distinguishable report appered in A1+, where underline the upcoming match in Paris, where Kasparov and Karpov will meet again.

Crikey publishes with the nice title, “Kasparov vs. Karpov: it’s not 1984 but it’s still rock’n'roll”

12:15 CET

CNN International has also published a report starting with, “Chess legends Garry Kasparov and Anatoli Karpov faced off again in Spain on Tuesday, 25 years after their epic first world championship battle in Moscow, in what organizers are calling a “historic revenge match.”"

“Revenge match” is the mistaken translation that appears on the English version of the official site. It is a wrong translation of the Spanish “match de revancha”, which is basically a “rematch”.

Having a report in CNN international is notable for chess. The previous reports that appeared there were on the death of Bobby Fisher, on Should chess be an olympic sport, and on chess boxing.

11:55 CET

After the good words of the FIDE President Kirsan Ilymzhinov for the match (see update at 13:00 CET), today Mr. Zhukov, President of the Russian chess federation, commented, “Such matches between legendary chess players help the popularization of chess around the world, this event will definetely help chess develop.”

11:45 CET

Garry Kasparov shared more interesting details at the press conference yesterday. He was obviously in the mood after the good start and did not mind answering the questions. Kasparov shared that the emotions and feelings before the rapid games were similar to what he felt years ago in the match in 1984, when they first met for the World Championship. “I did not know how will I react at the moment when in front of me is Karpov. However, I felt calm and that was reflected in the games,” asserte Kasparov.

Kasparov noted, “Obviously I have a good advantage, but there are 2 rapid and 8 blitz games more, Karpov is a great opponent and nothing is decided.”

11:30 CET

As we mentioned yesterday, the Kasparov Karpov Valencia encounter is making it to all mainstream media. Basically all major TV stations in Europe and multiple TVs on all other continents have reported on the match. Of course, the news is generally short, stating that “the two titans of chess play again in Valencia and the score is 2-0 after day 1″, but even that is enough for many people to start researching on their own what is happening in chess, who is ahead, who are national champions, etc.

From the online editions, the most prominent ones are Marca.com (the report of Jesus Boyero made it to the main page of the most read European sports newspaper) and the Yahoo report (copy from the text of AP, that appeared in multiple media).

Of course, for the chess fans looking for detailed reports on the match, they can og on to the general Kasparov – Karpov news page or other chess related media.

11:10 CET

With the Kasparov – Karpov match going and the memories of the great WCC battles, many Chessdom readers have asked for updates on the upcoming Topalov – Anand WCC match. The World Chess Championship battle was postponed for April 2010 after a request by Anand earlier this year. FIDE has decided that bids for venues will be accepted until September 30th. However, a very strong 3 millon eur bid might send the Topalov – Anand match to Sofia.

All details on the preparation of the players and the upcoming match can be found at the WCC blog.

10:45 CET

A very detailed video report of day 1 is created by Europe Echecs, you can view the video of the games and press conference, as well as players opinions here. GM Emanuel Berg summarized very well the public opinion, “It is very sad to see Karpov lose on time,” he said, “I was hoping to see the whole game.”

10:30 CET

Kasparov appeared alone at the press conference after the match. He explained that he has not talked to Karpov during or after the games, except for one Jadoube, as he joked. Besides some words on the games (that we will bring you later), Kasparov insisted that he will not return to professional chess. Otherwise, plans for a possible world chess rapid tour were confirmed, starting with Paris in December.

10:15 CET

Kasparov started with a very solid 2-0 score. Anatoly Karpov flagged in both games, however, in the first he was in a very difficult position (which Kasparov evaluated as promising for Black), while in the second he had no chances to save the game.

10:00 CET

Welcome to the day 2 coverage of Kasparov – Karpov 2009 on Chessdom.com! Our live coverage starts now, expect many details about yesterday’s games, analysis, interviews, photos, press conference news, and much more! At 19:00 CET start the rapid games of the day, that will again be commented live on Chessdom.