Adams – Nisipeanu, round 3

Live commentary GM Dimitrov


Adams had two stable games in the first rounds of M-Tel Masters. He never left room for a doubt that he will get at least a draw. In the cab from the airport on May 9, Mr. Adams shared with the Chessdom news editor, Goran Urosevic, that he has high hopes for the tournament and feels very prepared. Today he has to prove that against one of the current leaders, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu.

Mtel Masters preview – insights on Michael Adamas by GM Alex Finkel


In the exclusive interview for Chessdom at Sofia Airport Nisipeanu said that he comes to win the tournament. After the first round he convinced everybody. Today he faces a very experienced opponent and we will see a tough battle on the board.

Nisipeanu arrives – video and interview

Nisipeanu Topalov post mortem – video

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