Mtel round two report

All games in the 2nd round were drawn after the great fight

Veselin Topalov – Michael Adams saw a very popular Queen’s Indian Defence. Topalov went for slower build-up with 15. e3 and next Qb1-b2, aiming to create the pressure along the diagonal. Adams, who is identified as world’s leading expert for the Black side of this opening, never panicked after allowing an isolated pawn in his structure. Combining the h-pawn advance and an excellent piece play in the center, he forced Topalov into an endgame with reduced material. Well timed exchange sacrifice 41…Rxe5 neutralized the last tracks of White’s initiative.

Gata Kamsky once again employed a rare line in Slav defence. Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu was relying on his pair of Bishops but after a swift Knight maneuver and typical e5 breach, Kamsky was looking slightly nicer. Perhaps 26. h4 was imprecise move by Liviu-Dieter, as Kamsky got another target for attack after the excellent 29…g5. White was trying to gain some conterplay over the b-file by attacking the base on c6. A premature 33…Bxd4 loosened Black’s firm positional control after Nisipeanu exchanged one of the Bishops for dominating Ne4. The resulting four-rook endgame was drawn.

Mamedyarov walking around

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

For the analysis of the game Krishnan Sasikiran – Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, see GM Dimitrov’s commentary.

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