Sasikiran – Kamsky Live!

Live with GM Vladimir Dimitrov

We are again with GM Dimitrov and the most exciting game of the day. If Kamsky wins everyone may have winning chances, and if Sasikiran wins he will be on the way to a surprising tournament victory.

Scandalous development of the foot-chess game :) Read more about the news at our chess fun section.

We have already uploaded the the photos from round 8. As you can see, interesting events happened around the game Topalov – Mamedyarov. There were so many journalists around the table, that it looked like a thunderstorm of flashes. Topalov pushed 1. e4 and Mamedyarov was so confused with the madness around that he waited for four minutes and then looked at the board and moved. Veselin understood how Mamedyarov feels and waited for several minutes, so that the clocks have equal time. Nice fair play by Topalov.

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A detailed report (like the one of round 7), with more comments about the journalists madness and videos of the press conferences, will be published an hour after the games. We will also have news from Bosna 2007 and the Carlsen – Radjabov match.


The video is available! You can find it at our youtube channel or go directly to the video. Later we will also have the press conferences.

Journalists stress out chess player

The special report by Chessdom is ready. Follow the link to check it out. Tell us what you think about the situation. We will try to get the opinion of the players after the games.

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