The Battle Begins

First day of the third edition…

The opening day of the Mtel Masters tournament attracted tons of press attention. There were reporters from all the Bulgarian TV stations, newspapers, some international journalists and of course, the very eager to publish writers for chess websites all around Europe. There were more press representatives than even the press people were expecting – about 10 minutes before the Mayor of Sofia was going to make the first move on Topalov’s board there were already three lines of journalists and cameramen, greeting each other and trying to catch the best shot position. Almost piled up, everyone was waiting for the third edition to finally begin.

Contrary to chess style, the tournament began a little late, since Mayor Borisov showed up some time after the designated 14:30 hours. You can see on our photos how his informal ware broke the dress code and introduced some controversy to be discussed later. After Mayor Borisov started Topalov’s game– e4 – he made a rather quiet disappearance act and the chess tournament could finally go the regular way.
Now we are about two hours ahead in the games, no filming is allowed, therefore feel free to enjoy our photo section from the beginning of the game and follow up the live commentary of GM Vladimir Dimitrov. Enjoy and expect more updates.

Exclusive Videos

Nisipeanu vs. Topalov – Post Mortem Analysis

Sasikiran talking to Katrin Aladjova – Wills

Mamedyarov marching nervously

The Press Room (An insider view)

Brunetti – Topalov post mortem and interview

Insider Photos

Photo Report – Round One (10.05.07)

Photo Report – Opening Day (10.05.07)

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mtel2007 press

topalov nisipeano mtel2007 2

topalov nisipeano mtel2007 3

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Adams sasikiran mtel2007 1

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