Topalov – Nisipeanu, Round 1

Live commentary by GM Dimitrov

For a few weeks Chessdom was trying hard to find a professional commentator for the games of Mtel Masters 2007. Yesterday we got in touch with GM Vladimir Dimitrov. He immediately caught our attention and we invited him to join us. Every day he will present the games for the Chessdom readers. We are still looking for more comentators, so if you want to comment or know someone that may want, please, contact us.

A short insight on GM Vladimir Dimitrov

Vladimir Dimitrov was born on April 11th, 1968, started playing for the Bulgarian national team when he was only seventeen and earned his GM title by 1992. He has been a frequent participant in the Chess Olympics team of Bulgaria and coach of the men and women national teams. GM Dimitrov won the Linares Open in 1996 and for the last decade has been working as a coach in Europe. When the terrorist attacks on March 11th hit the trains in Madrid, he was traveling in one of them. Fortunately, he was unharmed and the only thing damaged was his laptop computer. Since then he keeps the semi-working computer as a good luck charm and loves using the personal databases he has on it.

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