Topalov – Sasikiran, Round 10

Live commentary by GM Dimitrov

We witness one of the most balanced and exciting competitions chess has ever seen. Five out of the six participants have chances to win the event. We have been trying to search for a similarly balanced table in past events, but we did not find one. Do you remember a round robin competition, where so many players had chances to win in the last round? If so, please, send us an email.

Expect photos and videos from the playing hall, as well as frequent updates on the other games and interesting events from Grand Hotel Sofia.

Update 1: The last round of Mtel Masters 2007 had a calm start. Once again it was full of journalists, but this time there were no problems. Everybody is in the playing hall or in front of the big screens following the games. You can feel the excitement in the air.

Update 2: The round 10 photos are ready. They are also uploaded in our chess photos section.

Update 3: There were several interesting interviews and statements by Silvio Danailov these days. Yesterday, he defended Kasparov. A few days before he gave an exclusive interview for Yuri Vasilev and a video interview for Chessdom. We will try to catch him for an interview after the end of round 10.

Update 4: A new video interview with GM Ian Rogers is uploaded. Also take a look at the previous interview with GM Rogers.

Update 5: Everybody is in front of the big screens in the Grand Hotel Sofia, as the games are entering in their final stage. A part of our team is also there, while other coleagues are preparing a special report about Carlsen.

Update 6: The excitement in the press room is enormous after the sacrifice by Topalov.

Update 7: The game is going to its end and everybody is getting ready for the press conference. Nisipeanu-Mamedyarov is a draw, while Kamsky is struggling for a draw. Everything will be decided in the game Topalov-Sasikiran.

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