Nanjing Chess 2008

the Pearl Spring chess tournament in China

The Pearl Spring chess tournament will take place 10-22nd December in China. Topalov, Aronian, Ivanchuk, Movsesian, Bu Xiangzhi, and Svidler will participate, forming a double round robin category 21 tournament.

Nanjing Chess 2008 live games and coverage

As every major chess event Nanjing will have wide coverage on It includes live games commentary, round by round reports, photo and video reports, interviews, and much more. Besides, there will be a special section in the newly opened Chessdom forum, where you can freely discuss the games and events from China.


Pearl Springs Nanjing chess similar to Mtel Masters

The event is very similar to the Mtel Masters tournaments. Both tournaments are 6 GMs double round robin Topalov as the top seeded player, Vassily Ivanchuk is the main contender, Aronian is there as a an Olympic champion, and Bu Xiangzhi is the Chinese star. Besides them another ex participants of Mtel Masters is present – Peter Svidler (played in 2006). The role of Sergei Movsesian is clear as well – he is the fast progressing star that is given a chance to shine in a super event – such in Mtel Masters have been Radjabov, Cheparinov, Krishnan Sasikiran, Nisipeanu, and Bacrot.

Nanjing Pearl Spring connected to Grand Slam?

It is possible that this event is product of the Grand Slam Association’s efforts to expand its circuit to the Asian continent. Bu Xiangzhi has been invited to 2008 Mtel Masters in order to encourage this process, and for the first time a big tournament website provided a special version in Chinese language. The Grand Slam Chess association announced that in 2009 one more tournament will join the series. It is yet yo be known wether it will be Nanjing Pearl Spring or the long speculated Seattle application.

Interesting information from the official site

The official site (available in English and Chinese) has uploaded interesting details about the players, chess in the region and the history of chess. It also contains videos and photos from Nanjing, the official committee members presentation, and more details. Even though some sections are still empty, it is a good website and deserves to be visited.

Players presentations

Legands of chess

Official website