European Club Cup Round 5

Economist-SGSEU-1 and AVS grab lead in their respective sections

The defending champion Economist-SGSEU-1 continued the winning row at the 26th European Club Cup by defeating the top-seeded SOCAR Azerbaijan in round five. Pavel Eljanov, the reigning World Junior Champion Dmitry Andreikin, and Alexander Moiseenko netted full points for Economists, while Alexander Grischuk won for SOCAR.

The 12th-seed G-Team Novy Bor remains in the top ranks, on the shared third place, after resisting the Armenian flagship Mika. The teams exchanged one victory each, and the other four games were drawn, for the final score of 3-3.

St.Petersburg Chess Club had tough time in overcoming the Bosnian champion Bihac, but eventually Vadim Zvjagintsev from the 6th board brought the important victory. Lower boards also proved decisive in the clash between Werder Bremen and ShSM-64 Moscow, where Russians got better and won by 4-2.

ECC Playing hall

The playing hall

It should also be mentioned that Oslo Schakselskap wins the Norwegian derby versus Asker Sjakklubb by a crushing 6-0 score. Full team and individual results are available in the appropriate section.

Top round six pairings are Economist-SGSEU-1 – Mika Yerevan, SOCAR Azerbaijan – St.Petersburg Chess Club, ShSM-64 Moscow – A DAN DZO & PGMB Chernigiv, Yugra – G-Team Novy Bor, Bihac CK – Baden-Baden OSG, Beer Sheva CC – Ural and Ashdod Elite CC – Vesnianka Gran.

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ECC Radjabov Mamedyarov

Teimour Radjabov and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

AVS played another 2-2 tie, this time against Mika Yerevan, in the 5th round of the 15th European Club Cup for Women in Plovdiv. This was however sufficient for the Russians to take the sole lead, as Samaia Tbilisi suffered a devastating 0.5-3.5 loss at the hands of St.Petersburg Chess Club.

Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo also joins the group of teams on the shared second place, only one point behind the leader, after taking a clear 3-1 victory versus BAS. White pieces in the hands of Humpy Koneru and Anna Muzychuk were too much for the Belgrade team to withstand.

Round six pairings are AVS – St.Petersburg Chess Club, MIKA Yerevan – Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo, Giprorechtrans – Samaia Tbilisi, Lokomotiv 2000 – Ashdod Elite CC, CS Fischer Chieti – USV Volksbank Halle, BAS Beograd – KSC Komarno and Herzliya Chess Club – Oslo Schakselkap.

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ECC Viktorija Cmilyte vs Maia Chiburdanidze

Viktorija Cmilyte vs Maia Chiburdanidze

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