Festival Paulista de Xadrez 2010

GM Sandro Mareco convincing at the 9th Torneio Internacional Mario Covas Jr.

Festival Paulista de Xadrez 2010, consisting of two round-robin tournaments, was held from 9th to 22nd August in Santos, Brazil.

The 7th Torneio Internacional Regina Helena launched first. It was a 10-player round robin event which provided opportunity for IM norms. FM Manuel Larrea won the tournament by collecting 6.0 points, half a point clear of FM Evandro Amorim Barbosa and IM Dragan Stamenkovic.

The Festival continued with the 9th Torneio Internacional Mario Covas Jr. which started on 13th August. It was also a 10-player round robin with the field of average rating of 2523 elo.

Sandro Mareco from Argentina, who became Grandmaster at the FIDE Presidential Board meeting during the Anand – Topalov match, outclassed the opposition and claimed the first place with 7.0 points, full two points ahead of the rest of the field.

Last month Mareco won the Open Simón Bolivar Libertador, also two points ahead of the competition.

sandro mareco

Sandro Mareco

rafael leitao

Rafael Leitao

GM Andres Rodriguez Vila, who was the only to defeat Mareco, GM Rafael Leitao and GM Gilberto Milos shared the second place with 5.0 points each. IM Felipe de Cresce El Debs will be pleased to have finally fulfilled all requirements for the Grandmaster title, which was conditionally awarded to him at the recent FIDE Presidential Board in Tromso.

Final standings:

1. GM Mareco Sandro ARG 2527 – 7.0

2-4. GM Rodriguez Vila Andres URU 2508, GM Leitao Rafael BRA 2629 and GM Milos Gilberto BRA 2606 – 5.0

5-6. IM El Debs Felipe De Cresce BRA 2499 and GM Bachmann Axel PAR 2552 – 4.5

7. GM Fier Alexandr BRA 2570 – 4.0

8-9. IM Coelho Luis Henrique BRA 2381 and IM Cubas Jose Fernando PAR 2463 – 3.5

10. IM Di Berardino Diego Rafael BRA 2492 – 3.0

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