Giovanni Vescovi wins the Brazil Chess Championship

Everaldo Matsuura becomes 11th Brazilian Grandmaster

Following Tuesday’s results in the 77th Campeonato Brasileiro de Xadrez, GM Giovanni Vescovi secured the overall tournament victory with a round to spare. Vescovi announced the ambition in an interview for last month and fulfilled the promise by winning his seventh title of the national champion, thus equalising the records of João Souza Mendes and GM Jaime Sunye Neto.

Such an early decision of the Championship race was catalysed by GM Alexander Fier’s unfortunate row of three consecutive defeats. Fier earlier shared the first place with Vescovi.

Giovanni Vescovi

Giovanni Vescovi

IM Everaldo Matsuura becomes Grandmaster after the Brazil Chess Championship

The chess player Everaldo Matsuura, 40-years old, is the latest Brazilian to win the title of chess Grandmaster (GM), the highest honor granted by the modality of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) to select players from around the world.

With the victory this afternoon against GM Alexandr Fier, in the 10th round of the Brazil Chess Championship, Matsuura obtained the required score to seek his third and final title norm.

Born in Maringa, Parana, on October 1st 1970, Matsuura became International Master (IM) when he was 26-years old. His first chess steps came in thanks to his father and his two brothers (among them, FM Frederico Matsuura). He has been Champion in São Paulo (1998), Paraná (2002), Santa Catarina (2003) and Brazilian Chess Champion (1991), when he was 21-years old. He won also the Pan-American Championship (1993) and was five times Brazilian Youth Champion.

Among his most significant achievements, we also highlight the 4th place in the World of Cadets, held in Rio Gallegos, Argentina (1986), two appearances in Chess Olympiads, representing Brazil, and 6th place in the Continental Tournament in Cali, Colombia (2007) – he qualified to play against GM Sergey Karjakin (Ukraine) in the FIDE World Cup.

Everaldo Matsuura

Everaldo Matsuura

Although many thought that he had given the hope of acquiring the title of GM, for having stood as IM for 14 years, Matsuura has always maintained a high playing level and was rated among the 10 best national players. He is now regarded as the 11th Grandmaster in Brazil.

By Tiago Santos for Rádio Xadrez, Brazilian Blog

Final standings:

1. GM Vescovi Giovanni 2622 – 8.5

2-3. IM Di Berardino Diego Rafael 2491 and IM Matsuura Everaldo 2490 – 7.0

4-6. GM Fier Alexandr 2572, GM Mekhitarian Krikor Sevag 2525 and GM Milos Gilberto 2596 – 6.5

7. GM Leitao Rafael 2626 – 6.0

8. GM El Debs Felipe De Cresce 2502 – 5.5

9. FM Shumyatsky Victor 2352 – 4.5

10-11. FM Gonzalez Bolivar Ribeiro 2277 and FM Jatoba De Oliveira Reis Paulo 2378- 3.5

12. FM Barreto Filho Carlos Alberto 2350 – 1.0

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