GM Igor Naumkin wins the 1st International Livigno Chess Open

10-18th September in Livigno, Italian Alps

The International Livigno Chess Open, at 1900m above sea level probably Europe’s “highest” International Tournament, ended Saturday, 18th November. Despite being at the first edition, it has succeeded in having a good coverage by mass media, both local and international.

The official website provided live broadcast of all games from the Open A tournament. During the final days, hundreds of chess enthusiast literally flooded it virtually from all over the world, something the organizers were pleasantly surprised of.

Until the end the tournament had no certain winner. Candidates were Grandmaster Igor Naumkin and the Bulgarian IM Petar G. Arnaudov, with GM Arkadij Rotstein just behind them.

After a 4-hour-long chess match, Naumkin won against the Italian Alexander Bertagnolli (Fide master since 2006), whereas Arnaudov and Rotstein had a draw. “I hoped to be first, but it’s ok. In the last round I made draw because with this I secure my Grand Master norm” said Arnaudov, who was happy on how the tournament was managed.

Livigno winners

The tournament winners and organizers

Livigno watches

Baume & Mercier watches for the top three players

Naumkin paid tribute to his opponents. “All matches have been hard – he declared – I liked this tournament a lot, also from the organization point of view”.

Third and fourth place was for the two players with the highest Elo in the tournament: Arkadij Rotstein and Emilio Cordova. Israel’s delegation also feels great satisfaction after their players Ehud Shachar and Yair Yudkovsky performed IM norms. Full standings.

Arnaud Labarthe from France won the Open B with convincing 8 points from nine games, while Domenico Rizzi and Giuseppe Fabiano shared the first in Open C with 7 points each.

On Thursday the invitational 8-player round robin Grand Prix Distillati Mazzetti d’Altavilla blitz tournament took place at the Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort. GM Emilio Cordova demolished the opposition by winning all seven games and claimed a precious hand made glass chessboard during.

Livigno Emilio Cordova 1

GM Emilio Cordova with his prize

All players were happy by the way this tournament was organized and agreed to meet next year in Livigno, for the 2011 edition. Among them, also the Italian Chess Federation representative, Pietro Barrera, expressed his satisfaction.

During the warm closing ceremony many gifts were awarded in a raffle, while all the players who signed the chessboard were presented with the tournament’s official t-shirt and cap. The most valuable prizes were full board and lodging for the 2011 Livigno Open, and the lottery winners are IM Neklan Vyskocil and FM Francesco Bentivegna.

Livigno chess club thanks Ezio Montalbini and Scacchi Randagi for conducting the live coverage of the Open A tournament, as well as the hotels (Compagnoni, Spöl, Alegra, Primula, Bernina, Möta, Galli, Cervo, La Grolla, Francesin, Valtellina, Alba, Cassana e Adele) and the sponsors which supported the event (Livigno Councile, Livigno tourist Office, Baume & Mercier, Distillati Mazzetti d’Altavilla, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Valtellina Che Gusto and Valtellina Turismo).

Livigno Andrea Stella

FM Andrea Stella

Livigno Playing hall 2

The comfortable playing hall

Article based on the newsletter by Adriano Pedrana

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