India National Challengers Chess Championship

15-26th September at Preksha Vihar, Kirorimal Park, in Bhiwani

The 48th edition of India National Challengers Chess Championship formerly known as National B Chess Championship is taking place on 15-26th September at Preksha Vihar, Kirorimal Park, in Bhiwani.

A total of 226 participants, that include thirty International Masters, four Women Grandmasters and 193 International rated players from across the country are participating in this 13 round event played under FIDE’s Swiss rules.

Top seed International Master M R Lalith Babu of Andhra Pradesh and Dinesh Kumar Sharma of LIC joined with overnight leaders to share the lead with seven points after beating BT Murali Krishnan and P Konguvel in the ninth round of the Championship.

Playing black side of Queen’s Indian Defence, Laith displayed sheer class in rook and pawn ending to overcome his railway men rival in 49 moves while Sharma had a perfect double rook combination in the ending to beat Konguvel in 32 moves. All the overnight leaders signed the peace treaty and this helped Lalith and Sharma to catch up with leaders.

International Masters Debashis Das of Orissa and Suvrajit Saha of Railways signed the peace treaty in 47 moves in Petroff Defence while playing white side of French Defence Rahul Sangma shaken the hands with fellow International Master Vikramaditya Kamble of Railways after 56 moves signaling a drawn result. Grandmaster Norm holder Vishnu Prasanna and International Master MR Venkatesh settled for draw after 59 moves.

1-8. IM Kamble Vikramaditya 2354, IM Venkatesh M R 2400, IM Debashis Das 2421, IM Sangma Rahul 2406, FM Vishnu Prasanna V 2403, IM Sharma Dinesh K 2354, IM Lalith Babu M R 2479 and IM Suvrajit Saha 2378 with seven points each. A pack of twelve players are occupying the joint spot with six and half points.

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