Livigno Chess Open 2010

GM Igor Naumkin with perfect score after four rounds

The International Livigno Chess Open has now arrived on the fourth day’s game for the Open A, a round in which the top-seeded Grandmasters further dropped points. In the top encounter GM Igor Naumkin defeated GM Emilio Cordova with Black pieces and maintained a perfect streak and sole lead.

White pieces were disastrous on the first four boards. IM Peter Arnaudov won against GM Miroljub Lazic, also after a piece sacrifice, while FM Ehud Shachar scored against FM Francesco Bentivegna. Further, FM Alexander Bertagnolli beat FM Rok Hrzica with an unusual opening 1.e4 Nc6 2. Nf3 f5!?

Livigno Playing hall

The playing hall at Polifunzionale Plaza Placheda

Naumkin is first with 4 points, followed by Shachar and Arnaudov who are with 3,5. Shared 4-6th are FM Bertagnolli, IM Peter Michalik and IM Fred Berend. Results and full standings on the official website.

Fifth round is taking place on Tuesday, at 9:30 CET, follow all the games live here.

Livigno Position 1

Position from one of the actual games set up in the Plaza Placheda bar. It is a difficult angle, but can you find a victory for White?

Livigno Snow

Upon waking Monday morning we saw the mountain tops covered with the first snow

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony took place Sunday, after the third round, at 5 pm, with the participation the local authorities, as well as representatives of the Italian Chess Federation and the local Folk group, dressed with the traditional clothes.

All of them agreed on the peculiarities of this unique tournament, which is held at nearly 2,000 meters (6,560 feet) above sea level in Livigno, a beautiful mountain resort otherwise well-known for winter sports and for mountain biking, as well as for its wide quality duty-free shopping opportunities.

A special thank was expressed to all sponsors, especially to the hotels (Compagnoni, Spöl, Alegra, Primula, Bernina, Möta, Galli, Cervo, La Grolla, Francesin, Valtellina, Alba, Cassana e Adele).

Livigno Opening ceremony

Detail from the opening ceremony

Livigno Traditional group

The traditional group

An idea which came out during the ceremony has been the setup of a circuit of chess tournaments in skiing resorts, a way to combine snow and chess under one roof (well, metaphorically speaking…)

After that, a simultaneous game was organized, where 20 players challenged Emilio Cordova and Igor Naumkin.

Livigno Emilio Cordova simul

GM Emilio Cordova during the simultaneous challenge

Livigno Naumkin simul

GM Igor Naumkin vs. Giambattista Ceresa, Livigno Chess Club President

Text and photos by Adriano Pedrana

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