Julian Radulski Wins Miguel Najdorf Memorial

17-25th July at the Sports and Recreation Centre in Warsaw, Poland

Miguel Najdorf

The last two rounds of the Miguel Najdorf Memorial didn’t bring any changes in the leading group. Grandmaster Julian Radulski from Bulgaria is the sole winner of the tournament. His victory was well deserved – he didn’t lose a single game and claimed victories against two strong Grandmasters, Sergei Zhigalko and Viktor Erdos. He then made three draws in the concluding rounds, but this was enough to ensure a first place.

Other players did not want to burn all the bridges behind them and in final rounds also didn’t put much effort in winning the games. Second place was taken by the biggest tournament fighter – GM Aleksander Mista. Until the last day he had chances to win the event, but he couldn’t beat GM Sveshnikov in the final game. He had suspicious positions in many games, but never gave up fighting and eventually didn’t lose a single one. Third place is for Grandmaster Mikhail Brodsky.

Best woman prize unexpectedly dropped into hands of WGM Beata Kadziolka. She had a lot of luck though. She won one game after 10 moves, when her opponent’s phone rang. In the last round GM Jakubowski overslept and didn’t show up for their game. Second place was for GM Monika Socko, who played a great tournament (including winning against GM Hammer), but she lost the last two games. Even with this terrible finish she gained on rating.

Very good results were made by Two young players, Pawel Weichhold and Kacper Drozdowski (both Poland), had excellent scores. All-together seven players made IM norms.

Report by IM Stanislaw Zawadzki. Final results and other information on the official website

Julian Radulski 1

Grandmaster Julian Radulski

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