Pavel Eljanov Winner of the Politiken Cup 2010

31st July to 8th August at the Lo-Skolen Center in Helsingør, Denmark

One of the world’s top rated players, Pavel Eljanov from Ukraine (2755), clinched a victory against the second-seeded GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly (IND 2655) in the last round of the Politiken Cup 2010 and won the tournament by collecting 8.5 points from ten games. It is extremely difficult to defend such high rating in the arena of the open tournament, but Eljanov even surpassed the expectations and earned additional six elo points. This should lift him to the 6th place in the world in unofficial live rating lists.

Grandmasters Maxim Rodshtein, Konstantin Landa and Bartlomiej Macieja shared the second place. In the next group of players, half a point behind, we note the legendary Hungarian veteran Lajos Portisch.

With a draw in the 10th round, FM Krzysztof Bulski from Poland scored his third and final IM-norm. FM Jasmin Bejtovic from Sweden also obtained his last IM-norm in a hard-fought game against the compatriot GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson. Earlier, Jonathan Carlstedt from Germany already secured IM norm from nine rounds.

Copenhagen Chess Union has concluded an agreement for the Copenhagen Chess Festival to also take place in 2012 (28th of July to 5th of August) and in 2013 (27th of July to 4th of August), both to be played at Lo-Skolen in Helsingør.

GP Astrakhan Pavel Eljanov

Pavel Eljanov

Last round top results:

GM Pavel Eljanov 1-0 GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly

GM Maxim Rodshtein ½-½ GM Bartlomiej Macieja

GM Konstantin Landa ½-½ GM Vladimir Baklan

GM Henrik Danielsen ½-½ GM Georg Meier

GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili ½-½ GM Jonny Hector

GM Michal Krasenkow ½-½ GM Lajos Portisch

GM Sune Berg Hansen 1-0 GM Lars Schandorff

GM Evgeny Postny ½-½ IM Mikkel Djernæs Antonsen

IM Christian Jepson 0-1 GM Alexander Kovchan

GM Jacob Aagaard ½-½ FM Krzysztof Bulski

Final standings:

1. GM Pavel Eljanov UKR 2755 – 8½

2-4. GM Maxim Rodshtein ISR 2609, GM Konstantin Landa RUS 2598 and GM Bartlomiej Macieja POL 2639 – 8.0

5-16. GM Georg Meier GER 2648, GM Henrik Danielsen ISL 2512, GM Jonny Hector SWE 2584, GM Allan Stig Rasmussen DEN 2510, GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly IND 2655, GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili GEO 2625, GM Sune Berg Hansen DEN 2595, GM Lajos Portisch HUN 2539, GM Vladimir Baklan UKR 2638, GM Viktoria Cmilyte LTU 2527, GM Stellan Brynell SWE 2495 and GM Alexander Kovchan UKR 2571 – 7½

17-32. GM Evgeny Postny ISR 2577, GM Jacob Aagaard DEN 2542, GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson SWE 2538, IM Sabino Brunello ITA 2488, GM Michal Krasenkow POL 2628, FM Krzysztof Bulski POL 2434, IM Mikkel Djernæs Antonsen DEN 2463, FM Jasmin Bejtovic BIH 2382, Jackie Andersen DEN 2276, IM Torben N. Sørensen MLT 2419, FM Jakob Aabling-Thomsen DEN 2314, FM Jacob Carstensen DEN 2295, FM Tomek Rej AUS 2334, Odd Martin Guttulsrud NOR 2073, Jaime Mercant Simo ESP 2100 and FM Lars Aaes Nielsen DEN 2279 – 7.0 etc

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