Asian Zone 3.5 Chess Championships

Li Chao B and Bu Xiangzhi topping the men’s section

Asian Zone 3.5 Chess Championships are taking place from 20th to 28th March in Tianjin, China. The Men’s tournament is a qualifier for the 2011 World Chess Cup and top two finishers will book tickets for Khanty-Mansiysk. 55 players compete in the 9-round Swiss tournament.

Bu Xiangzhi defeated the lower rated Ma Zhonghan and joined the fellow Grandmaster Li Chao B on the top. The two leaders already drew each other in round five and now the final standings will depend on the matches against other players.

Women’s tournament takes place concurrently and is a qualification for the 2012 Women World Championship. 32 participants compete over 9 rounds of Swiss system. Top four finishers progress in the World Championship cycle. Top seeded Ju Wenjun guards the lead with three rounds to go.

Khanty Li Chao

GM Li Chao B

Round 6 standings (men):

1-2. GM Li Chao B 2646 and GM Bu Xiangzhi 2677 – 5.0

3-7. GM Yu Yangyi 2652, GM Ding Liren 2637, GM Zhou Jianchao 2660, Lu Shanglei 2456 and Wan Yunguo 2458 – 4.5

8-14. GM Zhou Weiqi 2592, GM Li Shilong 2520, Ma Zhonghan 2262, Li Haoyu 2386, M Lou Yiping 2446, Xiu Deshun 2508 and GM Zhao Jun 2580 – 4.0 etc

Round 6 standings (women):

1. WGM Ju Wenjun 2519 – 5.0

2-5. WGM Wang Yu A. 2398, WGM Huang Qian 2394, WGM Zhang Xiaowen 2344 and WGM Gu Xiaobing 2369 – 4.5

6-7. WGM Shen Yang 2443 and WGM Tan Zhongyi 2428 – 4.0

8-14. Guo Qi 2331, WGM Ding Yixin 2376, WF Zhai Mo 2136, Wang Doudou 2182, WM Wang Xiaohui 2218, Wang Jue 2275 and WGM Tian Tian 2217 – 3.5 etc

The Chinese Chess Championships 2011 start from 29th March in Xinghua, Jiangsu, and continue until 10th April.

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