Cento Open Round Two

FM Andrea Stella wins the first weekend rated event

First prizes were awarded in Cento Open. The 5-round weekend tournament was played from Friday to Sunday and the 17-years old FM Andrea Stella emerged sole winner by collecting 4.5 points. A good score for the junior who was prevented to play in the main International event because of the school obligations.

IM Virgilio Vuelban of Philippines, Daniel Ripa and Dario Pedini, editor of the most popular Italian chess blog Scacchierando, shared the second place with 4 points each.

The second weekend rated tournament is scheduled for 11-13th February at the Grand Hotel Bologna. Registrations online.

Livigno Andrea Stella

FM Andrea Stella

The International Open continued with the round two games. The top rated Grandmasters continued the winning row against the lower rated opposition, however there were a few surprising results by the Italian juniors. The 16-years old Guido Caprio shocked GM Sabino Brunello with black pieces, while the 14-years old Federico Boscolo, student of the Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi, defeated IM Kenny Solomon.

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Cento Carnival

Cento is the Europe’s city of Carnival and it is twinned with Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Cento Eduardas Rozentalis

GM Eduardas Rozentalis

Cento Manuel Leon Hoyos

GM Manuel Leon Hoyos

Cento Oleg Romanishin

GM Oleg Romanishin

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