Rising Stars vs Experience – round two

All games drawn but not without fire. Smeets and Ljubojevic escaped with draws in inferior positions.

Jan Smeets – Aleksander Beliavsky was Zaitsev variation of Ruy Lopez where Smeets quickly set Ba2-Qb3 battery to make some use of Black’s slow Nc6-b8-d7. He bravely took the pawn on e5, but it looks like Beliavsky’s 20…Bd5 surprised him. Smeets went into deep thought and erred with 21. Qd3 when 21. Bf4 connecting the Rooks was better. Beliavsky steadily increased his advantage until the critical moment when he missed 35…Ne4! and played 35…Qc4 instead, giving back two pieces for a rook and claiming draw with material equality.

Alexander Beliavsky big

Aleksander Beliavsky

Predrag Nikolic is repeating the entertaining chess we saw earlier at Valjevo Gorenje. In another Zaitsev variation of Ruy Lopez he caused material imbalance which, after many turnarounds, stabilized on two pieces for Stellwagen and rook and pawn for Nikolic. It looked like Black is enjoying some advantage and Nikolic indeed tried to win, but Stellwagen defended well to reduce the position into drawn rook vs knight endgame.

Ljubomir Ljubojevic was slightly inferior right from the beginning of his game against Parimanjan Negi. His doubled c-pawns were constant target and later his rook ended locked on a6. Nevertheless, brave and timely pawn sacrifice 41…c5!, Negi’s suspicious 48.g4 and 53…a5! secured him a valuable draw.


Parimarjan Negi – Ljubomir Ljubojevic

The first game to finish was Ivan Cheparinov – Alexander Khalifman. A deeply explored Bf4 line in Queens Gambit Declined led to many exchanges and players have agreed to a draw on move 27. Arthur Yussupov used his pet Open Ruy Lopez against Sergey Karjakin. After the temporary pawn sacrifice, Yussupov took the advantage of White’s un-coordinated pieces and secured draw in double rook endgame.

Arthur Yussupov NH

Arthur Yussupov

Predrag Nikolic NH

Predrag Nikolic

Round 2 results:

Jan Smeets – Alexander Beliavsky draw

Daniel Stellwagen – Predrag Nikolic draw

Parimarjan Negi – Ljubomir Ljubojevic draw

Ivan Cheparinov – Alexander Khalifman draw

Sergey Karjakin – Artur Yussupov draw

Team score: Rising Stars – Experience 5.5-4.5

Photos courtesy of Association Max Euwe

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