Rising Stars vs Experience – Round 3

Rising Stars increasing the laed after both Dutch players have won

Daniel Stellwagen employed slightly forgotten Botvinnik Semi-Slav in his game against Aleksander Beliavsky. Beliavsky was leading expert for this opening and Stellwagen probably cooked some surprise with his second Yasser Seirawan. He quickly grabbed initiative over d-file with 15…c5, 17…Ne5 and 19…Rd3! After Black created advanced passed pawn and shifted bishop from h6 to c5, Beliavsky was aware that his prospects are not bright. He tried perpetual check with desperate rook sacrifice, but Stellwagen’s queen was able to cover the king, and Beliavsky resigned.

NH Beliavsky-Stellwagen

Alexander Beliavsky – Daniel Stellwagen 0-1

Ljubomir Ljubojevic built a bunker after the unfavorable opening, but his dark-squared bishop ended on the wrong side of the pawn chain. With combined pressure on weak pawns a3, d4 and f4, Jan Smeets managed to win a pawn and transpose into the rook endgame. Smeets then displayed fantastic technique refuting all Ljubo’s attempts to save the game. This was 2nd win for Rising Stars and Dutch players in today’s round. Jan Smeets is leading in overall score with 2.5/3.

The honor for the Experience team was saved by Arthur “Ural Wall” Yussupov who beat Parimanjan Negi. It started as rare 1.d4 system and Negi carelessly gave up his c5 pawn. Yussupov’s setup immediately presented its advantages as knight on c3 and pawn on c2 were allowing strong pressure against Black d5 pawn. Negi failed to find counterplay and soon Yussupov started with the 7th rank invasion. After the queens have went off, it was obvious that White is winning.

NH Yussupov-Negi

Artur Yussupov – Parimarjan Negi 1-0

Predrag Nikolic and Ivan Cheparinov fought wild battle in Volga-alike opening. White was attacking through the game, his a7 pawn seemed like decisive advantage at one moment, but Cheparinov was up to defending task and accurately declined all the threats. Another draw for Predrag Nikolic but he continues to impress with his new-found fighting spirit.

Alexander Khalifman – Sergey Karjakin was drawn on the 16th move of Slav defence.

Round 3 results:

Alexander Beliavsky – Daniel Stellwagen 0-1

Predrag Nikolic – Ivan Cheparinov draw

Ljubomir Ljubojevic – Jan Smeets 0-1

Alexander Khalifman – Sergey Karjakin draw

Artur Yussupov – Parimarjan Negi 1-0

Team score: Rising Stars – Experience 8.5-6.5

NH Amsterdam


NH Cheparinov-Nikolic

Predrag Nikolic – Ivan Cheparinov draw

NH Ljubojevic square

Ljubomir Ljubojevic

NH Karjakin square NH Cheparinov square

Still waiting for the win: Sergey Karjakin and Ivan Cheparinov

Photos courtesy of Association Max Euwe

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