Rising Stars vs Experience – Round 4

Stellwagen and Yussupov win again. First full point for Karjakin

Rising Stars have won yet another round 3-2. Daniel Stellwagen continues strong run after demolishing Ljubojevic’s unorthodox variation of Sicilian defence. The teaching example of attack on the king in the center set the young Dutchmen leader in the race for the spot at the next Melodi Amber tournament.

NH 4 Ljubojevic-Stellwagen

Ljubomir Ljubojevic – Daniel Stellwagen

Sergey Karjakin scored his first win in the game against Predrag Nikolic. Nikolic played again his pet Zaitsev defence in Ruy Lopez and again choose rare move 11…Qc8. With the series of exchanges, Karjakin took the advantage of the bishops pair and continued to open the position toward Black’s weak f7 spot. The queens soon went off, but Karjakin had created passed c-pawn. Precisely because of the f7 weakness, Nikolic was forced to give piece away and resigned on the next move.

The honor of the Experience team was saved by who else than Arthur Yussupov. He once again demonstrated deep knowledge of the Open Ruy Lopez and outplayed Jan Smeets with Black pieces. Ivan Cheparinov and Alexander Beliavsky drew after neither of the sides was able to attain advantage in endgame with rook, bishop and pawns. Same result was seen in Parimanjan Negi – Alexander Khalifman.

NH 4 Yussupov-Smeets

Arthur Yussupov – Jan Smeets

Round 4 results:

Daniel Stellwagen – Ljubomir Ljubojevic 1-0

Ivan Cheparinov – Alexander Beliavsky draw

Jan Smeets – Artur Yussupov 0-1

Sergey Karjakin – Predrag Nikolic 1-0

Parimarjan Negi – Alexander Khalifman draw

Round 4 standings:

1-2. Daniel Stellwagen and Artur Yussupov 3.0

3-4. Jan Smeets and Sergey Karjakin 2.5

5-6. Ivan Cheparinov and Alexander Khalifman 2.0

7-8. Alexander Beliavsky and Parimarjan Negi 1.5

9-10. Predrag Nikolic and Ljubomir Ljubojevic 1.0

Team score: Rising Stars – Experience 11.5-8.5

NH 4 Karjakin-Nikolic

Sergey Karjakin – Predrag Nikolic

NH 4 Beliavsky-Cheparinov

Aleksander Beliavsky – Ivan Cheparinov

NH 4 max euwe banner

Association Max Euwe

Photos courtesy of Association Max Euwe

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