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Rising Stars vs Experience – Yussupov terror continues

Experienced team took the advantage of White pieces in the 5th round of NH tournament to score the first 3.5-1.5 win. Arthur Yussupov pulled third consecutive win and once again dethroned the Rising Stars leader. His victim Daniel Stellwagen is now tied with Sergey Karjakin and Jan Smeets in the chase for the Monaco ticket.

Yussupov-Stellwagen started as Meran Slav, where White was maneuvering queen, rook and dark-squared bishop trying to impose threats against enemy king. Meanwhile, Stellwagen was busy collecting queenside pawns. This time waste allowed Yussupov to include light-squared bishop and after ripping off Black’s pawn shelter with g4, Stellwagen was soon forced to sign resignation.

CA 5 Arthur Yussupov

Arthur Yussupov

The other executor was Predrag Nikolic. He started cautionary against Parimanjan Negi, with some sort of London system. Just like in his 3rd round encounter with Yussupov, Negi tried to gain the early initiative, but the only thing he got were doubled f-pawns and queenside majority for Nikolic. Skillfully employing his heavy pieces, Nikolic managed to reach active position with rooks and opposite-colored bishops. Negi was forced to give away f7 pawn in order to bring his rook back into the game and Nikolic was able to convert the material advantage.

Ljubomir Ljubojevic – Ivan Cheparinov and Aleksander Beliavsky – Sergey Karjakin were two very interesting games where Ljubojevic and Karjakin had good chances to win. But their opponents defended persistently and the draws were achieved after the weaker side sacrificed material in order to reach elementary endgames. Alexander Khalifman – Jan Smeets was dull draw. Tomorrow is rest day.

NH 5 Ljubojevic-Cheparinov

Ljubomir Ljubojevic – Ivan Cheparinov

Round 5 results:

Artur Yussupov – Daniel Stellwagen 1-0

Ljubomir Ljubojevic – Ivan Cheparinov draw

Predrag Nikolic – Parimarjan Negi 1-0

Alexander Beliavsky – Sergey Karjakin draw

Alexander Khalifman – Jan Smeets draw

Round 5 standings:

1. Artur Yussupov 4.0

2-4. Daniel Stellwagen, Jan Smeets and Sergey Karjakin 3.0

5-6. Ivan Cheparinov and Alexander Khalifman 2.5

7-8. Alexander Beliavsky and Predrag Nikolic 2.0

9-10. Parimarjan Negi and Ljubomir Ljubojevic 1.5

Team score: Rising Stars – Experience 13-12

Official website with live game and press conference webcams

CA 5 Nikolic-Negi

Predrag Nikolic – Parimarjan Negi

NH 5 Beliavsky-Karjakin

Alexander Beliavsky – Sergey Karjakin

NH 5 Cheparinov, Danailov

Ivan Cheparinov and Danailov family

Photos courtesy of Association Max Euwe and Carla Amse