Rising Stars vs Experience – Round 6

Exciting games, match even 2.5-2.5

Fantastic 6th round today at the Krasnapolsky Grand Hotel, but when the gunpowder dispersed, the result was even 2.5-2.5. Unlike the previous games, Arthur Yussupov this time opted for Petroff defence, but Ivan Cheparinov up to task and finally scored first win after 5 consecutive draws. Following the tense pawn face-off in the center, Yussupov decided to take the offered c-pawn relying on the good position of bishop on d5. Cheparinov then started advancing his kingside majority, Yussupov carelessly allowed opening of g-file and only few moves later everything was over.

Alexander Khalifman was practically forced to win his first game, after Daniel Stellwagen decided to play on, declining silent repetition offer on 19th move. Nevertheless, kudos to Khalifman for finding fantastic tactical recourse 25…Bf6 after which White practically has no escape!

NH 6 Negi-Beliavsky

Parimarjan Negi – Alexander Beliavsky

Parimanjan Negi played everything “by-the-book” against Aleksander Beliavsky’s Zaitsev Ruy Lopez and achieved significant advantage. Right when everyone expected the execution, Negi missed the crushing Ne7-g6. He opted for different continuation, but suddenly Beliavsky sacrificed his Queen and White was losing because he couldn’t catch with passed a-pawn! Bad luck for Negi to lose a well played game, on the other hand Beliavsky’s combination is another example of why we love this game.

Ljubomir Ljubojevic continued his walk on the thorns today against Sergey Karjakin. Young Ukrainian gave rook and pawn for two pieces and with fantastic coordination endangered Black king. Ljubo was forced to give the exchange and soon we saw the curtains. Jan Smeets had a slight initiative against Predrag Nikolic but the Bosnian Grandmaster defended well and neutralized all the threats. This was the only draw of the day.

NH 6 Yussupov-Cheparinov

Artur Yussupov – Ivan Cheparinov

NH 6 Stellwagen-Khalifman

Daniel Stellwagen – Alexander Khalifman

Round 6 results:

Ivan Cheparinov – Artur Yussupov 1-0

Sergey Karjakin – Ljubomir Ljubojevic 1-0

Jan Smeets – Predrag Nikolic draw

Parimarjan Negi – Alexander Beliavsky 0-1

Daniel Stellwagen – Alexander Khalifman 0-1

Round 6 standings:

1-2. Artur Yussupov and Sergey Karjakin 4.0

3-5. Jan Smeets, Ivan Cheparinov and Alexander Khalifman 3.5

6-7. Daniel Stellwagen and Alexander Beliavsky 3.0

8. Predrag Nikolic 2.5

9-10. Parimarjan Negi and Ljubomir Ljubojevic 1.5

Team score: Rising Stars – Experience 15.5-14.5

NH 6 rest

Young Stars and GM Yasser Seirawan

NH 6 river

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Photos courtesy of Association Max Euwe

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