Paul Keres Memorial

Rapid tournament, 9-11th January

ESS KALEV Paul Keres Memorial is taking place on 9-11th January as rapid tournament in two stages – preliminary tournament with 7 rounds of swiss system and the 8-player round-robin finals (men and women separately). The time control is 15 minutes + 10 sec increment.

The men’s qualifier is split in two groups – A and B. Group B has 35 participants and is mostly composed of lower rated Estonian and several Finish players. Group A has 32 players and top rated are: GM Yemelin Vasily RUS 2578, GM Sveshnikov Evgeny LAT 2535, GM Lugovoi Aleksei RUS 2531, GM Barsov Alexei UZB 2505, GM Rausis Igor CZE 2501, IM Sepp Olav EST 2473, WGM Paehtz Elisabeth GER 2455, IM Smirnov Artem RUS 2449, GM Ðvõrjov Igor EST 2423, Seeman Tarvo EST 2411.

Elizabeth Paethz etcc

Elisabeth Paehtz

The men’s main tournament (second stage) will be composed of 5 best players from Group A, best Estonian player and two special guests (still unknown) that are invited directly into finals. Last year’s tournament saw Nigel Short, Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov, Inna Gaponenko, Viktoria Cmylite etc.

Women’s main tournament is composed of 4 top finishers from the women’s qualifier, best Estonian player and three invited players.

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