Anton Kovalyov in early lead at Quebec Invitational Chess Championship

June 19th to 27th in Auberge Universel, Montreal

The Quebec Invitational Championship takes place from June 19th to 27th in Auberge Universel, Montreal. The tournament has an international taste this year with the inclusion of four Grandmasters from different countries. The 10-player round robin competition will serve as a qualifier for the Montreal International Chess tournament to be held later in August. The best four will play in the Montreal International, while the best placed local player will be crowned Quebec Chess Champion. Time control is 40/90 + 30 min + 30 sec increment.

Round 1 results:

Lefong Hua ½-½ Vinay Bhat

Thomas Roussel-Roozmon 1-0 Ling Feng Ye

Sylvain Barbeau 1-0 François Léveillé

Anton Kovalyov 1-0 Bator Sambuev

Mark Bluvshtein 1-0 Renier Castellanos

Round 2 results:

Vinay Bhat ½-½ Renier Castellanos

Bator Sambuev - Mark Bluvshtein

François Léveillé 0-1 Anton Kovalyov

Ling Feng Ye ½-½ Sylvain Barbeau

Lefong Hua ½-½ Thomas Roussel-Roozmon

Round 3 pairings:

Thomas Roussel-Roozmon - Vinay Bhat

Sylvain Barbeau - Lefong Hua

Anton Kovalyov – Ling Feng Ye

Mark Bluvshtein - François Léveillé

Renier Castellanos - Bator Sambuev

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