IM Govedarica Wins Remembering Bobby Fischer Rapid Tournament

GM Ivan Ivanisevic second, GM Goran Todorovic third

“Remembering Bobby Fischer” rapid tournament, organized by Pancevo Chess Union and IO Miladin Mitrovic, took place on Saturday, 31 January, in Pancevo, Serbia. The field was composed of 81 invited players, among them were 20 Grandmasters, 23 International Masters and 12 FIDE Masters.

After the first four rounds, the competition took break for speeches and lectures about the life and games of the great champion. GM Bora Ivkov, GM Aleksandar Matanović, IM Alisa Marić, WGM Sanja Vuksanović, acting President of Serbian Chess Federation Milutin Karaklajić and President of Vojvodina Chess Union Miroslav Kopanja were among special guests.

GM Svetozar Gligoric, one of Bobby Fischer’s closest friends, could not attend the tournament because he is recovering from cold. By the way, Gligoric turned 86 this Monday, February 2nd. This time last year, Pancevo hosted exceptionally strong rapid tournament “To Gligoric With Love” with symbolic 85 participants.

In the following five exciting rounds, veteran IM Radovan Govedarica beat all direct competitors to finish alone on the first place and earn large chunk of the 4.000 Euro prize fund. Top Serbian player GM Ivan Ivanisevic finished second, while GM Goran Todorovic (not to be mixed with an IM of the same name!) came third with 7.0 points.

Final standings:

1. IM 2410 SRB Govedarica Radovan - 8.0

2. GM 2628 SRB Ivanisevic Ivan - 7½

3. GM 2471 SRB Todorovic Goran M - 7.0

4. GM 2525 SRB Savic Miodrag R - 6½

5. GM 2634 BUL Georgiev Kiril - 6½

6. IM 2469 SRB Pap Misa - 6½

7. GM 2543 SRB Kovacevic Aleksandar - 6½

8. IM 2426 SRB Bojkovic Natasa - 6½

9. GM 2504 SRB Cabrilo Goran - 6.0

10. GM 2574 SRB Miladinovic Igor - 6.0

11. GM 2552 SRB Milanovic Danilo - 6.0

12. GM 2570 SRB Pikula Dejan - 6.0

13. GM 2472 SRB Martinovic Slobodan - 6.0

14. IM 2387 SRB Novoselski Zoran - 6.0

15. GM 2448 BIH Vukic Milan - 6.0

16. IM 2461 SRB Marinkovic Ivan - 6.0

17. GM 2454 SRB Lazic Miroljub - 6.0

Remembering Fishcher Pobednik

Winner IM Radovan Govedarica with organizers Miladin Mitrovic, Milutin Karaklajic and Branka Muncan

Remembering Fishcher Ivan Ivanisevic

GM Ivan Ivanisevic finished on second place

Remembering Fishcher Goran Todorovic

GM Goran Todorovic landed on third

Remembering Fishcher Natasa

Best placed woman was IM Natasa Bojkovic

Remembering Fishcher Bojkovic - Damljanovic

IM Bojkovic playing White against GM Branko Damljanovic

Remembering Fishcher Kiril Georgijev

GM Kiril Georgiev of Bulgaria was top seeded. Left is IM Misa Pap.

Remembering Fishcher Vukic - Pikula

Two fantastic blitzers: GM Milan Vukic and GM Dejan Pikula

Remembering Fishcher Mlade Crnogorke

Guests from Montenegro, both Mediterranean Champions – WIM Jovana Vojinovic and WIM Ljilja Drljevic

Remembering Fishcher Matanovic Ivkov

Chess legends GM Borislav Ivkov and GM Aleksandar Matanovic from the right

Remembering Fishcher Sanja i Alisa

Miroslav Kopanja, Chief Organizer IO Miladin Mitrović, WGM Sanja Vuksanović and IM Alisa Marić

Remembering Fishcher Sudije

The arbiters – Vladimir Saric and Petar Katanic-Vujic standing, Kosara Stojanovic and Branka Vujic-Katranic seated

Remembering Fishcher Ljubisa Desancic

All photos by Ljubisa Desancic

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