Ruy Lopez International Festival – Round Two

Deisy Cori and Vladimir Malakhov victorious with Black pieces

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The fourth edition of the Ruy Lopez International Festival is taking place on 11-19th June in Villafranca de los Barros, Extremadura, Spain. Numerous events are planned, some of them being youth and amateur tournaments, lectures, master tournament, meetings, rapid open…

The main event of the Festival is the round robin Master Tournament with 8 players, which continued on Sunday with round two. Last year winner Ivan Cheparinov sacrificed the piece from the Black side of the Catalan opening against Fabiano Caruana for a powerful central pawn mass. But the Italian was cautious and didn’t wait too long before returning the material to secure an equal Rook endgame. Draw was signed on move 35.

Vladimir Malakhov gave up on Chebanenko Slav after yesterday’s defeat and decided to defend with Old Benoni against European Women’s Chess Champion Pia Cramling. The game was roughly balanced but Cramling could not control the position during the time trouble and consequently suffered second loss in the tournament.

Peru’s pride WGM Deisy Cori recovered after the clash with Fabiano Caruana and performed a nice combination to earn an exchange of IM Manuel Pérez Candelario, which ultimately brought her an important victory. Ivan Salgado effortlessly equalised with Slav defence as Black and then even grabbed some initiative, but just as we expected him to collect a weak b2-pawn, he offered a draw which Gabriel Sargissian gladly accepted.

Caruana, Cheparinov, Sargissian and Salgado are leading with 1.5 points each, Cori and Malakhov are with 50%, while Cramling and Pérez Candelario remain without points.

Ita ch caruana1

Fabiano Caruana on shared first place

Vladimir Malakhov sq

Vladimir Malakhov bounced back after yesterday’s loss

Round 2 results:

Manuel Pérez Candelario (ESP 2527) – Deisy Cori (PER 2409) 0-1

Fabiano Caruana (ITA 2675) – Ivan Cheparinov (BUL 2640) draw

Pia Cramling (SWE 2536) – Vladimir Malakhov (RUS 2722) 0-1

Gabriel Sargissian (ARM 2677) – Ivan Salgado (ESP 2606) draw

Festival time-table:

June 11, 19:00 – Opening ceremony and simultaneous exhibition

From 12 to June 18, beginning at 17:00 – Master Tournament

June 13, 10:00 – Final School Chess Tournament Team Intercentros

From 14 to June 18, beginning at 17:00 – Closed Tournament with promising young players from Extremadura

From 18 to 20 June – Meeting of Portugal and Extremadura Young Talents

June 18, 19:20 – Conference “Life and Works of Ruy Lopez” by Joaquin Perez de Arriaga

June 19, 10:00 – Children’s Tournament

June 19, 10:00 – International Rapid Open “Opening Ruy Lopez”

June 19, 20:30 – Closing ceremony

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