Indian GM S. Arun Prasad wins Scottish Open Championship

FM Iain Gourlay claims Scottish national title

Indian Grandmaster S. Arun Prasad defeated his compatriot Panchanathan in the last round of the Scottish Chess Championship to claim a clear first place with 7.5 points and win the International title. English GM Mark Hebden, who entered the final day with equal points, was held to a draw by the sharp Icelandic FM Gudmundur Kjartansson, and eventually shared the second place with GM Jan Markos of Slovakia. Kjartansson also earned a Grandmaster norm.

The fight for the Scottish Championship was extremely interesting as five Scots (Shaw, Gourlay, Arakhamia-Grant, Grant and Thomson) headed into the final round with equal points. But GM John Shaw lost to GM Markos, GM Keti Arakhamia-Grant lost against IM Andrew Greet and FM Craig Thomson was stopped by GM Aaron Summerscale. Thus the title was to be decided in the game between FM Iain Gourlay and Jonathan Grant. Gourlay converted a Queens endgame with an extra pawn into a full point and became the 2009 Scottish Champion.

SCO ch Arun Prasad

S. Arun Prasad

SCO ch Iain Gourlay

FM Iain Gourlay (photos courtesy of the Championship website)

The Open Championship took place on July 11th–19th in Edinburgh. For more information, photos, and round by round reports please visit the Championship website.

Results round 9 (Sunday, 19 July 2009)

GM S. Arun Prasad IND 2556 - GM Magesh Chandran Panchanath IND 2493 1-0

FM Gudmundur Kjartansson ICE 2356 - GM Mark Hebden ENG 2468 ½-½

GM Jan Markos SLO 2555 - GM John Shaw SCO 2462 1-0

GM Keti Arakhamia-Grant SCO 2506 - IM Andrew Greet ENG 2443 0-1

GM Aaron Summerscale ENG 2454 - FM Craig Thomson SCO 2320 1-0

FM Iain Gourlay SCO 2349 - Jonathan Grant SCO 2254 1-0

GM Jonathan Rowson SCO 2591 - Ravshan Khamroev UZB 2225 1-0

FM Michael White ENG 2259 - GM Paul Motwani SCO 2503 0-1

Andrew D Green SCO 2203 - GM Colin McNab SCO 2474 0-1

Manfred Herbold GER 2159 - FM Graham Morrison SCO 2366 1-0

Peter Poobalasingam ENG 2224 - FM David Eggleston ENG 2341 0-1

Neil Farrell SCO 2191 - FM Neil Berry SCO 2313 ½-½

FM Mark Lyell ENG 2288 - CM Paul Roberts SCO 2176 ½-½

Final ranking

1. GM S. Arun Prasad IND 2556 – 7.5

2-3. GM Jan Markos SLO 2555 and GM Mark Hebden ENG 2468 – 7.0

4-8. GM Magesh Chandran Panchanath IND 2493, GM Aaron Summerscale ENG 2454, IM Andrew Greet ENG 2443, FM Gudmundur Kjartansson ICE 2356 and FM Iain Gourlay SCO 2349 – 6.5

9-13. GM Jonathan Rowson SCO 2591, GM Paul Motwani SCO 2503, GM Colin McNab SCO 2474, FM David Eggleston ENG 2341 and Manfred Herbold GER 2159 – 6.0 etc

Round 8 report

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