Topalov – Anand 2010 in Sofia (updated)

12 classical games, FIDE will announce the exact dates after consulting the players

The match Topalov – Anand will take place in Sofia The match will consist of 12 games with classical time control. In case of tie, additional four rapid games will be played.

The letter from Bulgarian PM Boiko Borisov was decisive factor in favour of Bulgaria. FIDE President Kirsan Ilymzhinov accepted the guarantee and then the proposal passed with unanimous vote.


FIDE has just informed in an official letter that the dates of the championship will be announced after consulting the schedule of Topalov and Anand. The proposed dates of the organizers 5-24th April 2010 in Sofia are subject to change.

Scroll down for full history of the way to the final of Anand and Topalov, as well as a timeline about choosing Sofia as a host city for the 2010 WCC match.

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Who will win WCC 2010?

As the host city is known, is asking the readers, who do you believe will win the World Chess Championship 2010? You can vote here.

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The history of Topalov – Anand

Vishwanathan Anand will be defending the World Chess Champion title in 2010. He won it two consecutive times – in 2007 in Mexico city and in 2008 after a 12 games match with Kramnik.

Anand – Kramnik

Game 1 – Slav Exchange (replay)

Game 2 – Nimzo Indian Saemisch (replay)

Game 3 – Queens Gambit Meran (replay)

Game 4 – QGD (replay)

Game 5 – Queens Gambit Meran (replay)

Game 6 – Nimzo Indian (replay)

Game 7 – Slav Defence (replay)

Game 8 – QGD Ragozin (replay)

Game 9 – Anti-Meran Gambit (replay)

Game 10 – Nimzo Indian (replay)

Game 11 – Sicilian Naidorf (replay)

Topalov earned the right to play in the final after defeating Gata Kamsky in the Challengers match played in Sofia in 2009.

Topalov – Kamsky

Game 1 Gruenfeld 1/2:1/2 (replay game)

Game 2 – Ruy Lopez 0:1 (replay game)

Game 3 – Gruenfeld Botvinnik 1/2:1/2 (replay game)

Game 4 – Ruy Lopez Chigorin 1:0 (replay game)

Game 5 – French Tarrasch 1:0 (replay game)

Game 6 – Caro Kann 1/2:1/2 (replay game)

Game 7 – French Tarrasch 1:0 (replay game)

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Anand asks for postponment


In the beginning of 2009 Viswanathan Anand asked for a larger period before the next WCC match. The news was first brough by the FIDE deputy director Mr.Georgios Makropoulos in an interview for Chessdom during the 7th game of the WCC challengers match. Later, it was confirmed by the FIDE in an official press release. Besides, FIDE confirmed that a candidates tournament will be played for the next championship cycle and the loser of Topalov – Anand qualifies automatically for it.

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FIDE announces bidding procedure for host cities

April 24th

FIDE announced the official bidding procedure for host cities for Topalov – Anand 2010. It stated a minimum prize fund of 1 million eur and a deadline of 30 September.

Point 3 of the document (which later became problematic) announced:

3.In order for a proposed bid to be considered, it should be accompanied by a 8-month term bank guarantee covering the amount of prize fund (minimum 1,000,000 euros), the FIDE contribution (20% over and above the prize fund), 5% for WCO budget and 5% for the commercial rights and 32,500 euros covering stipends of Principals as described in article 14.4 of the match regulations. This guarantee should be from a bank that FIDE bankers, UBS of Switzerland, are able to confirm as acceptable. Alternatively to the above paragraph, a bidder can deposit in FIDE’s bank account the amount of 100,000 euros by the deadline of 30 September 2009 (refundable if the bid is rejected), another 60% of the prize fund by 30 November 2009 and the balance by 21 January 2010.

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Candidate cities

May 1st – July 31st

Sofia was the first city to declare official interest in the organisation of Topalov – Anand WCC match. It happend in an interview for, when Silvio Danailov announced that the capital of Bulgaria wants to organise such event. He also added that this match deserved a prize fund of minimum 3 million eur.

Later, during the Azerbaijan vs The World match, Baku hinted the possibility that they may enter the race for host city for the 2010 WCC match.

Apart from interest by Russia (the region of Chechenya) no other information on the possible venues was available for weeks.

On July 22nd, Sofia officially informed that they will present a bid for the match. Stefan Sergiev, President of BCF, evaluated that the organization of the match will require about 3 million eur, confirming the earlier statement by Silvio Danailov. First hints for support by Boiko Borisov, Prime minister of Bulgaria, were also published.

The reaction in Indian media to the article published at was strong. On July 31st there was a national call for support. AICF secretary DV Sundar replied to the call, “It is very difficult to get sponsors for chess unlike cricket or tennis and hockey,” lamented Sundar. “Unless the Government steps in, raising the bid amount will be tough.”

Meanwhile, speaking to TOI from Mainz, Anand said it would be up to the federation to put in the required bid. “I think it will be great to have the event in India. India has seen a lot of progress in the game. Hosting the event in india will be a big boost and will surely be followed closely by a very large audience.”

With the possible bids from Bulgaria and India, FIDE confirmed that it has nothing against the match being organized in one of the home countries of the players. Kirsan Ilymzhinov had previously mentioned this during the President’s Cup in Baku.

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Official bids


Bulgaria was the first to break the one month silence and they did it in style. The Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov announced that Sofia will bid for hosting the match with a prize fund of 3 million eur. All this was backed with goverment support and funds. Boiko Borisov himself would be the head of the organizing committee.

The official documentation was prepared and sent at the end of September. The dates proposed in the Bulgaria bid were 5 – 24 April 2010, and the venue NDK in Sofia. It is the same building where the Topalov – Kamsky match took place, but the playing room proposed was Hall 1, with capacity of 3800 people.

As the deadline was getting closer, Mr. Ginchev revealed that Singapore and Turkey are also joining the race. No other details on those bids were revealed and they were not accompanied by official press releases or information for venues and dates.

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The bids do not have bank guarantees


On October 1st FIDE opened all applicant letters, which turned out to be exactly 3 – from Bulgaria, Turkey, and Singapore. On October 9th the winning bid was supposed to be announced. However, FIDE came out with a press release, stating that no bid possesses the needed bank guarantees. The deadline for presenting such was extended to October 15th and the decision postponed to the FIDE Executive Board at Halkidiki.

borisov mtel masters

Boiko Borisov, the decisive factor in the Topalov – Anand host city decision.