Univé Schaaktoernooi – Round Two

October 16-24th in Hoogeveen, Netherlands

Judit Polgar sq 1

Judith Polgar

The first two rounds of the Univé Crown Group have produced four draws. The first day was quite uneventful as Sergei Tiviakov flat-out exchanged pieces with Black and forced Judit Polgar to sign a draw. The other game Giri-Ivanchuk finished with moves repetition right after the opening stage.

In round two there was much more excitement. Anish Giri sacrificed a pawn for positional squeeze against Tiviakov. White’s attempts to breach through Black defences were futile and the draw was agreed when Tiviakov returned the extra pawn to free up the pieces. Vassily Ivanchuk tried to find a gap in Polgar’s Nimzo position, but after he refused to take a draw on several occasions, Black created counterplay and in the end it was the Ukrainian who had to play precisely in order to hold the position.

Round 1 results:

Judit Polgar – Sergei Tiviakov ½-½

Anish Giri – Vassily Ivanchuk ½-½

Round 2 results:

Vassily Ivanchuk – Judit Polgar ½-½

Anish Giri – Sergei Tiviakov ½-½

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