Vandoeuvre Open 2008

GM Bauer and GM Svetushkin tied on first

The 5th Open International de Vandoeuvre took place on 26th-30th December. After nine rounds of play with Swiss system, GM Christian Bauer and GM Dmitry Svetushkin shared the first place with 7.5 points each, full point ahead of the chasing pack. The prize fund was 5.500 € worth, with 1.500 € reserved for the winner.

Final standings (92 players):

1-2. GM Christian Bauer (FRA 2592) and GM Dmitry Svetushkin (MDA 2588) – 7.5

3-7. IM Thorsten Michael Haub (GER 2454), IM Yannick Gozzoli (FRA 2503), GM Thal Abergel (FRA 2509), GM Petr Velicka (CZE 2464) and IM Jean-Noel Riff (FRA 2512) – 6.5

8-16. IM Cyril Marzolo (FRA 2584), IM Philippe Brochet (FRA 2377), Francois Brethes (FRA 2148), FM Alain Genzling (FRA 2335), FM Benoit Taddei (FRA 2312), IM Nicolas Brunner (FRA 2415), IM GIldas Goldsztejn (FRA 2415), IM Marian Kantorik (SVK 2288) and IM Harald Groetz (AUT 2376) – 6.0 etc

Christian Bauer

GM Christian Bauer

Vandoeuvre Open 2007

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