Official logo for the First World Mind Sports Games presented in Beijing

WMSG logo with five colors representing the five sports

The First World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) released its official logo. According to the official website it is a truelove knot which represents affinity, friendship, solidarity, communication, good luck as well as the traditional elements of China, the host of the 1st WMSG. The designer of the logo was Mr. Chen Shaohua.

“The 1st World Mind Sports Games is an international comprehensive mind sports game, consisting of five mind sports of board and card games. The design of the logo is an important part of the publicity materials and draws the Organizing Committee’s great attentions,” shared the organizers.

Bridge, Chess, Go, Draughts and Chinese Chess are the five sports of the First World Mind Sports Games in Beijing, each represented with a color in the logo. It is estimated that close to 3000 participants will take part in the 2008 edition. The games are organized by The International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).

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WMSG logo

The official logo of the 1st World Mind Sports Games

WMSG logo

Another version of the logo

WMSG comittee

The WMSG organizing committe at the presentation of the logo

WMSG media interview

The event enjoyed high media interest
The designer of the logo Mr. Chen Shaohua giving an interview

WMSG logos

The logo after the presentation

WMSG chess

A chess motif at the WMSG

World Mind Sports Games quotes

The presentation at the website of the World Mind Sports Games brings us interesting quotes about the represented sports. For Chess Tarrasch, Voltaire, and Pushkin are quoted.

Mind Sports entertain people most and chess is the best of them. Chess is pleasing as love and music.


Chess is the most important game which helps to develop intelligence.


Chess is essential to every happy family.

Alexander Pushkin

Bill Gates, however, goes with Bridge.

I am an avid player of Bridge which has unique characteristics as sport.

Bill Gates

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